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404 page do not appear 200 status code

or URL do not exist in the search, the psychological itself has a sense of anxiety, if this time the 404 page is the default or unfriendly user experience page, then the user will not hesitate to shut down, so when the set of 404 pages, the whole should be beautiful and practical. First of all to let the user know it to access the page does not exist, now you must be clear to prompt the user to visit is what website, and then give the user a reasonable proposal, it set up some more practical or popular website links, allowing users to follow other pages link to visit your website, this process seems very subtle, but a user can grasp. No matter in station or Shanghai Longfeng, within our reach, can do things to the pursuit of perfection.

404 page to be beautiful and practical


a good 404 page layout is not only a simple HTML page even if done, must be with the server setting is correct, in addition, the 404 error page best can give customers a guide, even if the customer access to the wrong URL, but also through the 404 error page back to your website, for to minimize the loss of customers. Well, to today’s text, mainly from three aspects to share.

in the process of learning Shanghai dragon in the 404 page is a Shanghai dragon which must master the skills, the proper use of 404 pages of the website is absolutely harmless. Some owners may feel the site without error pages, so that the 404 page is not essential role, in fact, not necessarily. Sometimes anywhere online there may be some errors in the URL path to your website, these are not under the control of our own, so the 404 page reasonable can make these mistakes to change the URL value. On the other hand, a good 404 page can let users leave a good impression on your website, for memory.

When the user access to

when the page does not exist, the server must return to the 404 error status code is normal, some owners set up 404 pages, does not exist in accessing these pages, return a 200 status code, so that the search engine is the large error page when doing is to treat the duplicate pages, so on website Shanghai Longfeng is not good. Don’t use the 301 Error 404 page to jump directly to the home page, so the search engine will think that there are a large number of web page content with the same page; it is best not to use less than 10 seconds following the jump, such as JS or meta refresh, or search engine will think the error page is normal. In the usual set of 404 error pages, the most basic requirement is not to the wrong page returned to normal 200 status code.


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