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Shanghai Longfeng Figure 2


website by channel page, page, column page and content of these pages, this is the homogenization of the web site is easy to make people feel is stereotyped, the website has its own characteristics, it will cause a copy to the site of the feeling, if we cannot do in a whole lot of changes, you need to do the details ready.

, GIF and JPEG are the most common image formats, we simply say what they are:

At present, PNG

especially from the Internet to find pictures should pay more attention to the watermark, if conditions allow the use of the original customers, as far as possible, after all, fell in love with the Pirates of the map, the similarity is too high, will not be included in the crawler.

generally, the official name of web page title is the website, is the highly generalization of a web site. So the website is the title of the best of your company or brand name. Keywords should choose the right keywords, you must take their own websites and maintain consistency, if the wrong keywords, you optimize perfectly, but also of no avail.

not only that, one of the pictures is an important link, many people tend to ignore the pictures, but choose the right picture is crucial to your web site.

JPEG is one of the most commonly used image format, but it images are highly compressed, may affect the quality of images, but it also depends on your settings.

Internet in the unceasing development, more and more enterprises to enter the Internet, want to occupy a world, make their own enterprises to obtain better results, Shanghai dragon have become an important supporting technology essential.

In addition to the

: GIF is a commonly used animation format, support 256 colors, but not recommended using realistic images.


picture from the network

image of the Shanghai dragon optimization is a large part of the same text keywords, search engine weights tend to the site itself. Picture Alt tag is recognized as the most important part of the picture of Shanghai dragon optimization, it often determines the ranking position of the picture.

PNG: it supports transparency and better color range, is three in the new format, the top two format is a good substitute, but not easy to be widely used to support.


users are most interested in the search, but also the most potential commercial value of the service means.


format, we also need to pay attention to some problems, such as the size of the picture is best not more than 200K, because the volume is too large, it will lead to the page loading speed is too slow, affecting the user experience, website bounce rate will be increased.


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