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is not all websites for static pages, enterprises need not, because the love of Shanghai in technological innovation, has the program suffix such as news.asp? Iuwer=siet this program links have a very good grasp. But the large door website apartment layout is to do static pages, because static not only can facilitate the spider love Shanghai, but also can reduce the burden on the server.

this is basically the portal to the set, because the set up portal site keywords heat are relatively large, strong competition, Links can be set as the classification: home Links – News Channel Links – news channel hot news Links. So you can then exchange Links when PR8-1 Links are suitable for your website. We are interested can see Soufangwang Links, I feel Soufangwang Links do this is the best.


2, the website uses DIV+CSS global structure

page add keywordsWe all know that


3, Links can use the tree structure of

I saw all the time, great progress every year in this industry. But now there are many websites are still using table, some websites even keyword stuffing. There are more display technology means are complete code, love of spiders in Shanghai simply cannot read what is, this technology is very outdated, you say Shanghai is not K you K who ah. Below I combined with his own experience, put forward some comparison with the now love Shanghai algorithm skills.

1 web pages, all static

because the background I’ve seen Sina, Tencent and other websites, their website is basically free to modify the. For example, Sina background – News center. Seen in the background is the news center of the static code

love of Shanghai < h1> < h2> tag features, but I think everyone is more reasonable and more natural to use will be better. In the keyword density, personal feeling of the rankings without help, a website keyword density do not affect the site’s ranking.

program design


Has been engaged in the construction site 5 years


there are a lot of websites using table, to create a web site. In fact, DIV+CSS has been popular for 4-5 years, DIV+CSS website structure can save a lot of unnecessary code, let the web page code looks more clear, more concise. Love Shanghai spider more love, brief and clear code, after 6.22 events, this is very prominent, the new DIV+CSS will soon be included, table will support the site for a long time.

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