How to analyze the viscosity of the site from the site’s traffic numbers

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to see a site of the viscosity of the basic problem is how your web page will be able to attract visitors. And one of the most direct method is to analyze the visitors in the residence time of the page. We assume you a visitor, if you enter a friendly user experience is not high, the low viscosity page of the site, I think you will not stop it. So we can use it to analyze the viscosity of the site data. As shown below:


analysis of the site viscosity from the old and new visitors to the site of the difference

above we can find the site on the viscosity is good, because we found the page views reached in a day, and some even more than the residence time of two minutes. Of course, this is just individual pages, analysis we need the whole page on the site.

ER as the Shanghai dragon every day we have to view the site traffic statistical information in the IP and PV information, but the analysis for these figures, many Er just stay in Shanghai Longfeng is rising, compared the changes and ignore these values reflect problems. Also we can clearly see some data from this site the user experience of how, and how the viscosity. Our statistical tools (I use CNZZ) will take visitors into independent visitor data and the newly independent visitor data, we can use the difference between the two numerical analysis to number two visitors to visit our site, from the side reflects how the viscosity of the site. As shown in figure



digital surround our optimization process. The digital analysis of the site may be one of the one thing a lot of Shanghai dragon Er headache, because most of Shanghai dragon Er do not love the face of a pile of boring numbers, but only our in-depth analysis of these data, we can truly understand the site to find the means to improve the viscosity. So we can analyze from what aspects? Today I will share three points to analyze their site experience viscosity.

two: analysis of the visitors in the residence time of our web page

: a

three: from the site of the user back rate of viscosity

is one of the most direct see back rate viscosity is the site visitors. I think it is very easy to understand. Visitors back that visitors are our site to. If a website to look good, then we can say this.

can be found in our site yesterday in total unique visitors to 11319, and the new data for the 6195 independent visitors. Two numerical difference not many 5000 values, we can roughly say there are about more than 5000 visitors is two times the return. We can see how the viscosity of the site.

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