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finally, most can lead to long tail keywords flow at the bottom of the column of the site, you can put it on a specific product page, such as how to Finance Bureau treatment, on the page of the Ten thousand steeds gallop. talent database optimization.


play in the site optimization process is unexpected, you only need a day Shanghai Longfeng practitioners continue to tap new words, but also in the form of the page, think about how to layout keywords. After all, keywords layout affect later pages are included, so whether it is the core keywords, or extend the correlation between keywords, need a reasonable distribution throughout the site.

1, Pyramid structure distribution

whether you are just beginning to contact Shanghai dragon industry, or has been claimed as "master" of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, is an important content of certain keywords site optimization can not be ignored. It took over the new site of the small, in the understanding of the site of various basic information, website architecture etc., on the site of the key words of sorting.


in the finishing process, Xiao Bian found that the site does have a lexicon of thousands of, but because the former did not finish keywords very thorough, so small does not know which keywords web page already exists, is not what the distribution page keywords, so small a cost a month’s time to finish the corresponding page keywords, of course, now this work had yet to complete. So before when it comes to keyword layout, small to Shanghai dragon Er put a small suggestion, that is when the extended key thesaurus for the site, please everyone on all kinds of words, the corresponding page record, easily edit the construction of internal and external chain at the same time, also let the next took over the Shanghai dragon er a better understanding of the website.

in the study of key words, the webmaster can choose keywords and site, page add work, can be classified many keywords or have a certain difference. The face of this situation, the actual operation of the small.



2, will help to optimize the implementation of

you know, so many words must have the so-called secondary, of course, can not be called the keyword in the home page, so the reasonable layout of station keywords should be similar to the shape of Pyramid. We need the core keywords in the spire of the position, generally two or three of the best, this part will use keywords home key optimization; keywords level is part of the tower body, the number must be more than the core keywords, can be placed in a classification (or channel and column page, etc.) at this time the meaning of the most relevant keywords in a column page is the most appropriate; again keywords level can be placed on the two category page, of course, many small sites will not use the so-called two level classification.

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