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said the popular point is: the user through the search engine into our website, and our website and practical solution for the user he needed content.

many people may even user experience is not very clear, even the user experience is used to doing not know

now as the 360 search engines to occupy market share is relatively large, forcing love Shanghai feel pressure alexander. Love Shanghai in order to retain customers, then only to continue > algorithm

to now almost two months from the time of learning Shanghai dragon, is slowly moving towards Shanghai dragon er the industry. Study in Shanghai dragon in the process, I found the Shanghai dragon industry compared with other industries is more abstract. Unlike other learning technology, you’ll learn it, you can see the actual effect, while the Shanghai dragon is different. Because Shanghai Longfeng need a certain time to wait for the results, eventually this result is not satisfied with you. Why? Because Shanghai dragon does not depend on the one or two day the hair outside the chain, update the article, ranking can be up. There is something intangible, invisible, can only rely on their own accumulation of continuous exploration and experience.


users will be very satisfied with this site, give a high praise. Next time when you need it will visit this site again, inadvertently to our website and an increase of more than a fan. So why do we pay more attention to the user experience website to do? What are the benefits?

recently in each group through the understanding of some problems, some people treat Shanghai dragon in this industry, still stand in the old view of the previous treatment, they think: Shanghai dragon is the hair of the chain, do friends chain, through daily updates on the to do list, don’t focus on user experience.

when the site of fans gathered to a certain number, is not our website ranking will be faster? Perhaps some people do not understand the truth: we believe that each site has statistical tools are? Also know views (PV) (UV) and the relationship between the number of visitors and out of IP the rate of the? Hypothesis: a website with 300 fans of the masses, so they may browse your site in a day. Because they know from the website you can find what they need. So for each article or other things will be carefully to see. Inadvertently make browsing our website is not high? The bounce rate is not very low? It is also worth noting that: when the top twenty in the key words, then click algorithm, because love will bring Shanghai’s top twenty ranking websites, to the user to choose. The more the number of users click on the site, and this site traffic increase, jump out rate is very low. This website will think you love Shanghai website is a good website, ranking will naturally.

Duan Liang: user experience it refers to his experience of users access to a web site or use a product.

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