Analysis on the website main keywords ranking suddenly drop

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careful thought, whether recently in the soft release when the chain is too obtrusive, because I use the management software of dozens of blogs, blog group of building is my usual Shanghai Longfeng technique, hundreds of forums, if the chain of words, one day can do ten thousand outside the chain, but also included the situation has reached more than 10%, that is to say 100 soft article can be effectively collected more than 10, this situation has been quite good. So I carefully view the past history of the soft release, and one by one to see the collection, found that in addition to the forum included but deleted the more, it will affect the site ranking even drop right (this I also need time to grind)? The blog collection is not very optimistic, but in YAHOO the chain query results is satisfactory, but the love of Shanghai link outside the chain of results is not ideal, may love Shanghai to anchor text link is not displayed. I have done these query work tired, but in order to find out the reason as soon as possible, I must insist.

these days have been observed in the website main keywords ranking drop causes 100 abroad, through the analysis of web server log, found the number of crawling spider Baiduspider love Shanghai very intensive, careful look at the number of grab page index.asp accounted for more than 80%, we all know some of the Baiduspider data capture love Shanghai for example code, successfully crawled and included in the database code is 20000, but the love of Shanghai Baiduspider grab the index.asp code for the 200064 majority, there is a lot of people say that this code is the K station of the aura, but my analysis of the previous several days and months before the log, the code is always present, confusing, and I compared with the HTML code page 20000, which are rarely part of the 20002 code, perhaps because of my home. The ASP dynamic page, 2 months ago I from home static into dynamic, until now, from the comparison before and after log access data, Shanghai Baiduspider love has not changed, I also analyzed the recent major search engines and the number of the chain of contrast, no much change (included and the chain increase or decrease), have shown a good trend, the world ranking has risen, at about 300W, so I judge the website main keywords ranking drop suddenly cause hundreds of the reasons not the server or website data itself, but also related to the search engine optimization.

yesterday I query the web site keywords ranking and included, found improved, included in a timely manner, the fastest to reach 1 hours before this day, Shanghai also updated snapshot in 16, but the main keywords or not see a return to the weight, and keywords ranking have recovered from all sorts of results, Shanghai is interested in love a serious drop right for a keyword, relates to the keywords of Shanghai dragon cheating lead >

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