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compared with the past hundreds of Internet business portal construction, now seems to be a lot lower threshold, few friends know, find some good products, and then build a single page sales station, through the Shanghai dragon optimization or direct purchase of keywords ranking, with good sales performance can I sell a white friends, the website has just launched a month, can Japan sold about 5 boxes, earn nearly 20 thousand yuan, and this is just one of his website. So when many webmaster complaining about the website does not make money, might as well change the idea, from the old ideas out, do some small and beautiful sites, making money may not much.

2, the picture link set. For a single page, the most used is the picture, this is inconsistent with the principle of Shanghai Longfeng routine, so we had to settle for second, more work on the link. So, I suggest you not to copy others single web site, because you leave the link in the "most are others, is in the chain to help others, or if you sell the same product, which means you do propaganda in helping competitors. The picture, or to the original more awesome, more convenient for the optimization of Shanghai dragon.

1, Title title. Love Shanghai for the new sites included more quickly, if you use the new domain name had never used before, so stick 2-3 hours, love of Shanghai will be included, if not included, don’t worry, hurry to love Shanghai Post Bar send several posts with links, pay attention to, must take the link, because we the purpose is to let the love Shanghai breakfast included. Title Title Note: accurate, steady, ruthless. Quasi means you want the full analysis of most Internet users search keywords, keywords behind some of the long tail; stability is don’t change your title title, at least to maintain 1-2 months; that is to be prospective firm, set the keywords must search volume is the highest. I like 178dm will set the jeep men’s official website, then you can wait for the love of Shanghai included.

because of my company is to provide marketing strategy for the network, often to help owners planning sales letter or a single page station, see more, also inevitably Jiyang, and also built a Jeep men’s website, built after the discovery, the single page station of Shanghai dragon is actually very bad to do. When you don’t like the traditional website that the contents of the advantages and Links resources, only through some other channels for a single page station in Shanghai Longfeng, here are some of the ways I summed up, the more common but very effective.

3, Links set. As a single page station, and we are willing to exchange links with the owners certainly not at this time, don’t give up this idea, if you have a good website, can you help yourself, if not, can do their own keyword optimization in single page Links position, here you are not to write ten or twenty the problem, the hottest, long tail, can write write, then the chain on the site, increase the key.

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