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every site needs a your own domain name, they can choose according to their own business to. The general international domain name贵族宝贝 is 100 yuan a year, the price is very cheap, but also very safe and stable. If your English is very good, you can go to registration, if English level is not very high, can find people on behalf of note. Here to remind you, in the choice of the space must be careful to choose a stable speed, independent of the IP space, the space cost of this may be a little high, but it is worth it. If you choose to buy a space, this may put a lot of space inside the station, the optimization is very negative, so to separate IP space more appropriate.


third: select the


webmaster can add a keyword in your description, but we should pay attention to the description can not write too long, because beyond the limits of "description >


setting is a very important link, because it and your income directly linked. Now do site, the same industry competition is more and more intense, so when you enter a word will come out tens of thousands of content. So, we in the choice of keywords is the best time to stand in the perspective of the user to choose, a lot of understanding the user’s heart, to understand the user’s search habits, come up with some easy to remember, some words are simple and convenient users love, so the search rate will be much larger.

the first point: how to choose the domain name and space

second: about the title of the site

is now doing many personal websites, some do more successful, so many people remember his website, but also to do the station itself have brought a lot of benefits. But also do not succeed, but not the success of the majority, this is exactly why? For so many personal websites novice, always have a lot of questions, such as how should choose the title more attractive? How to choose a better user search keywords? How to write a description of many problems? Let the webmaster very distressed, if you want your website to be able to have a good ranking, these are the key to do so today, and we want to talk about personal websites need to pay attention to what

I think many people have the experience, when you enter a website, first of all is to see the title of an article, if the title attracted to you, you will have to continue to look down the interest, so choose a good title is very important. The title of the site should add a keyword, key settings must be appropriate, not too much, three compared to don’t repeat too much, the index of keywords can query in some search engine. Selected three keywords must be separated by commas, such words separated. Website title words should be appropriate, the length of the right, not too much, the best is simple and clear, with no more than 32 Chinese characters.

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