Talk about the phenomenon of three Shanghai Dragon ndustry

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1, Shanghai Dragon – Novice to the rookie rookie, like the baby cry piteously for food;

, entry-level — a lot of Shanghai dragon books, a general understanding of the basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon, but can not operate independently of a website;

3, intermediate level independently optimizing a website, but do not have their own unique insights, grasp the specific operation method, but the search engine slightly change, you don’t know what to do;

1, the mountain is mountain, water is water;

speaking in front of so many, in fact not the want to gather the number of words, but three today and this phenomenon, some more or less

said only, I believe many of my friends are with the same, without the system of learning, for many professional terms are not particularly sensitive. Shanghai dragon this I believe not many people really systematic study, I also do not know now there is no such a professional university (the high school, never went to college, somewhat regret), is now the Shanghai dragon training school one by one.


, 5 Masters level — God figures, to recover the original simplicity realm, equally tiny method can reach thousands of times and even thousands of times, no longer adhere to the Shanghai dragon.

4, senior level from Shanghai Dragon technology research. It can have its own set of optimization system for the size of the website can be completely controlled, or have I said before Shanghai Longfeng thinking;

has been to Shanghai dragon Er is divided into five levels:

to be honest, the do so long Shanghai Longfeng, really did not understand the three realm in the end is what meaning, maybe my realm is too low.

: a halfway decent phenomenon

introduction: Shanghai dragon today talk about truth, don’t talk about the Shanghai dragon thinking, do not speak Shanghai Dragon technology, the same can’t teach you how to make money, which make a lot of money, because the money himself, (laughs) we just tell the three phenomena in the industry today. The do not know if you have not found these phenomenon, or we are in these phenomenon? Shanghai dragon is not grinding away, not behind closed doors, move around the world is not fresh.

there are people from the operation and to explain the Shanghai dragon realm, such as:

, enter the theme!

3, see hill or mountain, see water or water;

2, the mountain is not a mountain, water is not water;

I believe that many Shanghai dragon deities are self-taught, especially at home early that a handful of people. The 10 year contact Shanghai dragon, also belongs to the solid Shanghai dragon Er, had not thought other skills in this line, my own walk is very painful things, while to go on

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