Share recovery is gradually down right after experiencing the love of Shanghai

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May 16, 2011, Taizhou examination network on-line version of the update information, I insist every day from dawn to dusk, collect the local examination information, including some unknown test, the first few days flow steadily rising, largely due to the love of Shanghai, because it gives me more than half of the flow, and according to the statistical results of love Shanghai and do the relevant Shanghai dragon, by May 25th, the cups, suddenly found the search "Taizhou examination network home key Taizhou exam and other related parts of the exam for 6 years in the major search engines before 3, even love Shanghai completely from the search results eliminated, it is difficult to find other included the search page, tzks is also not a trace, the first reaction is Taizhou sea K exam is love? The immediate search, found that there are more than 5000 pages of results, But in the first few pages or see the page carefully to find the N page, found the home tracks, can determine the Taizhou examination network love Shanghai serious drop right, originally wanted to take this time after the revision, the Taizhou examinations do strong, become the largest and most complete, the most well-known education examination website at this time, but the mood fell into a trough, love Shanghai so suck, let me feel heavy, anxious.

although the mood is depressed, but still have to look for remedies, so a careful analysis of the time correcting problems that may occur when the final results, the only possible problem is the revision to the original content, all transferred to the old directory, of course, I also consider doing so will lead to the original search engine included page unable to access, so I used a 404 error with jQuery, PHP technology enables users to access legacy content if there is no page, find the old file, if found to jump to the old version of the file, so for users, is quite friendly, yet for the search engine, did not do any good and it will only think this is a page missing, so after the new version of the line, love the sea every day to reduce the amount collected, a week, a drop of more than 5000 . Since we have found the problem, immediately began to remedy on the server to do 301 redirection, and restore to the line on the first day of the Shanghai dragon set, and then no adjustment, while ensuring all information is updated every day, try to provide some original content. Next day, Taizhou examination network traffic declined sharply after almost 3 days, fell in love with the sea in search of, included the amount recovered to more than 10 thousand, every love Shanghai has included Taizhou test network information, just home page snapshot or not refresh, fourth day home page snapshot has been updated, we continue to work in QQ, forum, blog and other places we can promote publicity, let Taizhou care exam net friend, come to visit, so there is no love in Shanghai, Taizhou test network traffic returned to be right down Before 50%, last for a week, that is yesterday, Taizhou examination of the home page snapshot is updated every day for 3 consecutive days, fell in love with the sea search tzks, tzks.c>

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