Talk about the Wenzhou local network group purchase Shanghai Longfeng effect

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in a number of group purchase projects in Wenzhou, with limited resources, in the high-end catering industry has been a net for each group purchase industry in Wenzhou. In 2011, will be more intense.


Wenzhou city every year to update some businesses, some of the more famous catering industry, such as "one day," He Fang "corner" and "COCO" are more difficult to sign. They all have certain customer resources. The number only from their membership card issued, will know how much they have stable member of Wenzhou.

of course, Wenzhou other group purchase network in Shanghai Longfeng do less, does not mean they do not, they started, than my Wenzhou enjoypack network group purchase earlier. I don’t know why they are doing in this area is relatively small, but I clearly feel that many Wenzhou group purchase network, this year has come out a few home at the same time, there are so few will be from the consumer’s view fades.

I took over Wenzhou United enjoypack network group purchase promotion at the beginning, Wenzhou love Shanghai network group purchase keywords ranking in the 15 page after the spring 2011, I found it in the home, but also a key is in the third page, this to me Shanghai Longfeng beginners, is an encouraging.

I to Wenzhou United enjoypack group purchase network of Shanghai Longfeng practice is primary, one is to optimize the web page content, for the salesman to find businesses, some text and colleagues carefully; two is to increase the reverse link, it looks simple, but it is a persistent hard work; three for Links, because the site has just started, the PR value of the site is 0, want to get some high quality Links is not a simple thing, I try to do, but many administrators or owners reluctant, but also some money; four in the local propaganda website, because once a few awards in Wenzhou on the Internet, I also wrote a lot of spare words, therefore, I also had to put his head into his own name and website LOGO, hope netizens in time to see my comments, love Shanghai A couplet enjoypack, come to see, this effect is.

but, from the current point of view, Wenzhou so many network group purchase, only a handful of network group purchase in website promotion. Of course, in the love of Shanghai, can also see some network group purchase pay promotion "".

so, I think, Wenzhou network group purchase all had to be based in limited resources.

as businesses are profitable, for example, by the end of 2010, I went to Jiaxing, a friend opened a sizable hotel in Jiaxing friendship street. The beginning of the opening, they also cooperate with network group purchase. In the Jiahe delegation to provide those impressive client list of my friend, I asked a friend whether money? Obviously, discount in more than 5 businesses, basically no profit at all, but why do, in addition to the free advertising, is to attract customers from the future.

"group purchase Wenzhou" and "Wenzhou network group purchase" two most competitive.

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