The actual selection techniques of different Taobao keyword products and customers

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for the novice, I just suggest a choice. This is my first choice of products, I also recommended that novice experience the selected product, to have the very big effect. Many people do website to study the keyword, then select the product. I do not agree, because I would love to find products. Why? Because the choice of products when selecting businesses, business choice is a very important work for me, sometimes choose the keyword is very good, traffic is also great, but is because each encounter black businesses, selected businesses have a lot of work analysis work, this later specifically write an article. Back to the topic, choose not to millions of large quantities of products are finished, but look out of the product, which is open for a class of products, and then sorted by price promotion, spreading out, if it is more than 200 yuan Commission, at least out of the promotion of 2-3, commodity reputation good point, the most it is important that the product page must be professional. This is the most important one, is responsible for the products businesses, will be on the product page design professional. As long as the user’s point of view this page is attractive to own it, such as video, multi entity photos, brand and so on. The rest, the method can be combined with the internet. Novice, especially the first time Taobao off, I think you can do here. In fact, product selection is to select users, because of different types of products have different types of users. This point has too many things inside, experience more slowly in order to analyze it, I also continue the analysis. Then slowly share it.

1, more competitive products of the choice of

?There are a lot of fixed product selection and keyword argument on the

for this, I want to say is a way of brainstorming. In the second step after careful, actually have some understanding of the alliance. Then according to the net. "

The choice of

products, it is more and more love, more and more choice of products and found the keyword is a science, not one or two words clear. Now plainly, do Taobao off or from niche research often. Some online said I will not go into.

3, the choice of keywords.

, when I was in accordance with the inherent model learned to dig into the station, along with the establishment, development, in fact, slowly found that the choice of niche is not a fixed pattern, Internet technique is a big concept, really want to dig or variable. For example, online said to choose home for promotion less, I don’t think so, like I said before, for many products do not have too much competition, may be too many people because of this "law" and did not choose the products, so the natural stand is not much, and this is the opportunity. So the choice of auction products generally: the search volume, the first two pages of the competition is small, more long tail can choose.

2, new product

How to find a good ?

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