You have to worry about being the site of Shanghai dragon

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negative Shanghai dragon is not equal to the black hat Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is negative by some benefit from the search engine technology to make your website in search engine ranking drop, while the black hat Shanghai dragon is generally take the initiative to implement the webmaster, want to through some search engine vulnerability to quickly obtain website ranking, the purpose is to enhance the ranking. Negative Shanghai dragon often use some black hat Shanghai Dragon technology to let others website be punished, but the negative Shanghai dragon is not equal to the black hat Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is often negative from the black hat Shanghai Dragon technology, but the goal is not fast but not fast ranking, ranking.


now for the website optimization Shanghai dragon is the use of some Shanghai Dragon technology, Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon thinking strategy combined with the user experience, user requirements, construction sites and other sites have to rank well in the search engines, make website usability stronger, make content more suitable for users to read. This is the initiative of the Shanghai dragon, but behind the effective Shanghai dragon has always been a dark place, Shanghai dragon is passive, your site is Shanghai dragon, where there is a light shadow.


for the negative Shanghai Longfeng, should be more protection

generally negative Shanghai Phoenix are bring negative influence to the target site, such as the use of a large number of mirror sites to sync your web page for updates to the search engine to the target site such as false; add a lot of junk the chain or buy junk links; such as a lot of garbage site redirected to the target site; also like to attack the target site, let the slow loading or not open; and for the invasion of your site, the more, malicious modification of robot.txt search engines have injected to prevent, virus, to the target site to the target site with horse, hang black chain, modify site code etc.. This is only a part, of course there are many known or unknown negative Shanghai dragon means.

what is the negative Shanghai dragon

when it comes to this topic, have to say 2 concepts, positive Shanghai Dragon (Positive Shanghai dragon) and negative (negative Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon), positive Shanghai dragon is what we often say the Shanghai dragon, is above the site to get good rankings in search engines. But whether the operator or the negative Shanghai dragon to Shanghai dragon and positive contrast, negative Shanghai dragon is the other person (malicious owners, competitors etc.) by applying some negative factors of Shanghai dragon to your website (search engine prohibited) to make your website ranking drop in the search engine, and was severely punished.

so, for many enterprises and individuals, the site is vulnerable. Including some large enterprises have also been accessed, such as love, Shanghai Google, for example, some time ago known never down Facebook is not the same as the attack, 30 minutes can not access the world. And the more.

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