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spider’s voice, in the site for site characteristics, important content and fixed information into static pages, such as company profiles, contact us. Often need to publish product information, website content update ", we can use the corresponding transformation technology is not regular into pseudo static network.

is not a spider taste, deep love

spider’s voice, in the construction site or network template is, do not do the depth of shallow links, links, spiders don’t love diving too deep.

spider two tastes, quiet rather than

white spider is a program that has its features for web spider program, we should according to its characteristics to study how to promote the website construction, how to cater to the tastes of his draws it, so the website promotion method you must accord with the spider’s taste, give it love network it will take food to be collected, sent to the headquarters (database) to reserve. You can come out from the camp in search of information. In the construction of the world collection network from www.txsc100贵族宝贝 when I realized the characteristics of several network spider crawling, below I will introduce how to deal with the network spider.

speaking of spiders, you may think, will make eight legs weaving scary spider, I introduce here is the spider. Spider has its own personality and judgment standard. In order to improve the network rankings, our website is open the door waiting to see it looking forward to it, it is not someone who is willing to patronize casually, it depends on your site up to his taste.

statistics, the capacity of the largest search engine database also just grab the entire Internet web page forty percent, the biggest reason is that in order to avoid the large amount of data, affect the search efficiency, so the spider according to their "habit" just grab those important pages, it is the basis of judging Web links the depth, first it will grab the initial page links all the web pages, and then select one of the links to web crawling, of course it won’t catch it, it is the quality that the shallow link ", which is also consistent with we consider the problem of habit, always put the important things right in the front.

According to

dynamic web page is generated by the program, maintenance is simple, no need for professionals to operate, and the interaction is relatively strong, which is why a growing dynamic website. But it will bring some trouble to the spider crawling, relative to the dynamic, because there is no database of static pages, the spider will directly in the web pages of information, it is difficult to deal with the dynamic web page script language generation. Especially some properties of product sales website, upload to continue to generate a new page. The development trend of web spiders and preferences have a great contradiction.

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