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how to make love Shanghai love Shanghai updated daily snapshot, updated daily snapshot of the sharing of experience, we all know that love is not the Shanghai update for all website snapshot every day, the website snapshot update will affect your website ranking, now in love for the Shanghai king in Internet environment to keep the site snapshot every day update, ensure their sites in Shanghai love home is too important. Influence factors of love Shanghai snapshot update following

is the first web content

2, their website to the Links platform, most Links platform PR are very high, after the release will soon be included in the search engine. But there will be people who do Links and

the complete knowledge of parenting the original release, reproduced must indicate the source 贵族宝贝

is the last chain website construction, website content increased to more than 10 articles, it is necessary to consider the well within the chain, each keyword relevance articles directly within the chain, and the chain key are very important, but also remember to do this web site with navigation, when your web pages included too much time for your navigation page weight is very big

improve the weights of the blog also maximizes the weight of the website.


"content is king, the chain for the importance of the emperor" of the construction of the chain, the site construction outside the chain is very easy to do, 1, through their own experience to write soft article released to the A5 and China stationmaster net kept you link to your article is reproduced will give you increase the chain without the number of.

website update is one of the most important, of course, not to say that you collect a lot of articles of your web page will be updated every day, you do not need to write a lot of original content, after all, is our personal webmaster do not have so much experience, my parenting knowledge Daquan every day I released 2-3 semi original, as far as possible do "around a word" (half the original, the title, love Shanghai and search an article and the front half part of all modifications)

3, to submit your site to directories, directory search under the classification of a lot of love Shanghai one by one submission, very useful.

blog construction, this is a must on the construction of the chain, most webmaster can keep a few or dozens of blogs, register several blogs by Shanghai dragon on the A chain, a link to the blog B blog -B-C-E-A so formed a round shaped every blog to link their website,


followed by the construction site outside the chain


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