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of course, eventually, love Shanghai backstage and network marketing background treasure roughly the same meaning. However, because of the love of Shanghai is to promote a nationwide, and click on the cost is quite high, so we must strictly control keywords and promotion area. The customer service personnel under the guidance, I will be a dozen keywords and creative quality of type to a three star. It is said that in the oil filter industry is very small. Here I have service to said: "the final price ranking is a relationship with the quality of our bid and, therefore improve the quality of our products is very necessary, a good quality, can occupy a good ranking at a lower price." Said so much, finally left key. Ten words I originally had 5 to Samsung, and one of my most important "oil filter" is the star, so the most important thing is to improve the "oil filter" of the product quality.

Samsung across the finish quality

, creative.

three aspects:

a promotion group using three most creative, as much as possible the use of wildcards. What is the use of specific wildcard I really don’t know, always know, can be used as far as possible. Then, many people think that with the telephone number to avoid unnecessary clicks, thus reducing the consumption of customer service, but to my opinion is that it can not be, really want to use it until the end of the promotion of the content of

after two days, our account is finally opened. Is because we have a customer service as we love Shanghai account settings for. But because of their own things or not depend on others, but we still have to learn, or to the end I don’t know what it is? I treasure before the network marketing management background, but I did not go to the previous management, just how much money per day is limited, and then set the price as much as possible keywords.

The use of

this month, our company promise Qing oil filter started to have the Shanghai promotion. Is to rely on the accumulation of customers to the snapshot. But now because the competition is too strong, do not promote simply no way to achieve the ideal effect. So we love with Shanghai company, ready to start love Shanghai promotion.


three and later

two, the promotion plan structured

I had promotion of the chain closed word is not much, so I divided into three groups. Three group’s aim is to make the quality of the different keywords, separately, do not affect other keywords samsung.

is now three star, but it eventually.

customer service here to give my advice is, can not line not line, ensure the products show. Try not to change the price of the product, promotion unit. But because our consumption plan is limited, if every day would soon spread down. So I will be some keywords oil filter products widely into phrases, I use the precise individual keywords.

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