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outside of the chain are very clear, a lot of high weight of the old site also need regular maintenance of the chain, the new site and as there is no basis for maintaining the release site outside the chain is the focus of the work. The Shanghai dragon novice prone to these problems:

2, the chain has many forms of search engine has been convicted of cheating or.

is now the number of domestic various industries, huge grassroots website, all kinds of types have, can emerge in an endless stream. Due to the restriction site scale, capital and manpower and other factors, this kind of website want only by way of Shanghai dragon A new force suddenly rises. This kind of grassroots webmaster are basically young, smart, full of go, work full of energy is to their advantage, but also easy to appear ambitious, anxious problem. Today, and we discuss some mistakes in Shanghai dragon is apt to make new, maybe you and I have done such a silly thing.

, a website for updates, not for

The importance of each webmaster

maybe many webmaster will complain, not so much time to write a high quality original content every day, can only copy network articles. This is a real problem, can understand, you can send the original "false" content, but to have a "pseudo" level, "pseudo" quality. First of all, the title of the article must not copy, must be intended to be a closely related with the content of the title. Secondly, the proposed station to read through the text, on the basis of fully understanding the meaning of the original text, re organization of language to express the original meaning, it is to have a quality website "pseudo original" article.

called the "content is king", it is necessary to update the content regularly, one of the daily work is every webmaster. The quality of these updates is very important, I often hear some young stationmaster proudly said: my site is updated every day dozens of articles. I went to see his website found that these updates from the network, some even have a real Title move over, this approach is not desirable to cut. The contents of this website published long-term plagiarism, not only let users on your site without interest, will let the search engine on your website "look", think this is rubbish station, not included, serious consequences. Website content updates to ensure the quality of the basic content, and strive to increase the number of updates. Updated daily one hundred plagiarized articles, it is better to seriously write a high quality original content.

two, released the chain anxious, impatient

1, owners to take the chain, but their limited energy, so the use of bulk software or in the online crazy mass employee on behalf of the chain, these two situations are not desirable. Mass software group chain search engine has been strictly prohibited, once found is likely to be down right or direct K station, you do not deserve to take such a risk. The poor quality of the Navy on behalf of the chain, but not stable, easy to be removed, or appear in the garbage site outside the chain, so that it can only bring low your website.

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