Love Shanghai increase super chain chain market against cheating will never disappear

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second, the website on the Internet to millions of millions of love, Shanghai can not use artificial audit mechanism one by one to see, so only through the algorithm to deal with the upgrade and change. But each time the algorithm upgrade and change although there will be a number of stand down, but there is always a fish escaped through the seine.


in Shanghai as long as love does not give up the influence of the chain on the weights of the website, then the link trading market may not disappear. This article from ZZ to reliable business plan 贵族宝贝cykuang贵族宝贝 original, reproduced please specify.

first of all, the author believes that trade links will not disappear, but the love of Shanghai continued to increase efforts to crack down, will have a negative impact on the link trading market.

fifth, the so-called foot step ahead, before many links to buy webmaster to buy soft link, through the form of coping algorithm into the chain in the upgrade.


plan to buy links and improve the rankings flow much better earnings of the webmaster may be because of the search engine that is super chain cheating instead of buying links, and then make the market turn business links.

The fourth, first part

first, in algorithm love Shanghai, the important effect of internal and external link optimization. As long as the love Shanghai algorithm mechanism, the chain for an assessment of the weight of the website and link, trading market is unlikely to disappear.

third, some rely on sale for the site link may converge slowly, before a station export hundreds of links will no longer appear the phenomenon may be.

: the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform October 23rd announcement: super chain cheating upgrade algorithm said: the love of Shanghai system upgrade, the main object of attack for the intention of manipulating sites in Shanghai love search results ranking behavior by hyperlinks to cheat in the exams. This not long after November 5th, again released a new announcement: the sale of link behavior will be hit.

in fact, part of the webmaster link through transactions reached to love Shanghai in search results ranking, through the operation of Shanghai love search ranking buy links, leading to the Internet ecosystem into vicious spiral unhealthy, so love Shanghai to intensify the crackdown in the many people expected. After this period of time, many webmaster are talking about the trend of the future market for the sale of the link, the author to share their views.

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