How to make hundreds of new keywords are ranking

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is a web content.

no matter what the industry website, the number of keywords are certainly very large, you only need a little digging tools, tens of thousands of words immediately appear in front of you. I think this website for inflatable toys to choose keywords: one is to pay attention to a few key words related to high, high correlation refers to the keywords, keywords to optimize your website content to belong to the same type, more specifically speaking on their web site often those keywords are. Two is the choice of keywords is not too wide. Many webmaster friends that ambition is very large, what words do, the result is what words do not go up, for a new sites, I think the first to optimize the competition small long tail keywords, wait until the site has some weight.

two is the choice of keywords.

a website if not many articles, search engines will rarely, so the long tail keywords driven rankings is very small, want to have more keywords are ranking, the article in the station must have certain quantity, whether you are original, or false original article, a web site a lot the content is one of the important factors of long tail keywords ranking.

station is an inflatable inflatable do website address is www.***贵族宝贝, this site is produced by his own company, but the construction is not flattered, URL is no longer long. What scares me the most is not the site to do so bad, but customer demand is too high, the new station requires the optimization of hundreds of keywords, then there is a do not want to control its year, site of the title station or co-workers, it put all the main keywords write in title website wrote: we all know that title is more of a search engine, give weight is relatively high, if you write a lot, so each keyword to share is very little weight. Said the site so much is not good, but the keyword ranking than the other station to the good. Is the legendary: the gander? For new sites keywords can fast ranking, I think there are several aspects still need to pay attention to:

Shanghai dragon

optimization promotion is a process of combining theory and practice, both are indispensable. Love all the time in Shanghai because the algorithm change, if you only have the technology and not to learn, then you’ll probably be out of technology; secondly, the light theory knowledge but no combat experience, can be said to be empty talk, the main point is to just begin to contact the Shanghai dragon friend and we should be bold to try, don’t be afraid of failure. Not to say nonsense, today to share with you the topic is: how to make hundreds of new keywords are ranking. Although there are some long tail keywords, but the user is absolutely demand, many words are bidding. Just cut to look at a map, you can check out


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