The face of site and domain is not the first home page should be how to face

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site and domain in the face of the new home is not the first time, how should we face, there are a lot of new webmaster began to panic, began to fool around, find the cause from your own website, but more and more find can not find the reason for such a situation where the new owners must first keep calm attitude to face so, find the reasons carefully, so as to better solve the problem, here Shanghai dragon brother together to talk about the food on this issue.

share: my station has seen such a case for a few weeks, but I’m not worried, my other station is site home is not the first, after a week after the normal, this week what I have done, is not blind to withdraw what Links, reduce oneself chain etc.. I continue to do promotion methods as before, after.

for site and domain is not in the first place. There are two points, the first point is the website in question, the second is love Shanghai’s own problems. You can’t be sure love Shanghai every day, it is not possible, if the new owners encounter a similar situation, remember to change things in their own website, the first analysis of the friends of the other stations, whether there is a similar situation. Some time ago the majority of friends of the site station is not the first home page, even to page second. But because the webmaster to see his beloved stand down the right, then panic, desperately to remove their Links, did not take into account the love of Shanghai’s own problems. A few days later, the other station friends on their own recovery, standing is not restored, so it is immature, blind toss.


siteI is not in the home, the beginning of that right, I was a bit afraid, because you don’t calm down the right, face is useless here, many owners are also faced with this problem. I came to love Shanghai domain show, feel still in the first place.

this is the 6 month stand, ranking has not been up, I also ignore a site. The station did not drop right, why not drop right, right down to see what in the end, in order to confirm the right down. There are a lot of website drop right phenomenon, such as: love Shanghai snapshot not update, included reducing even by K, site and domain home page ranking fell in the first place, this is right down phenomenon, as long as the new Adsense face site and domain home is not the first time to considering these factors to confirm their the website have the right to drop, otherwise everything is floating clouds.


on the network will have been a legend is right down site and domain is not the first home page, so in the end there is no right down, the new station in the end there is no weight, this is controversial events, so I analyze personal websites, such as "www.tuofa66贵族宝贝" seborrheic alopecia figure speak

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