Shanghai love sick a large number of sites were not in the first home page

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love this update after I found his home page is not the first, the first thought is their website is a problem, immediately think of is the first check Links, look there is no cooperative website chain being punished. The results of an investigation, scared me, I discovered that the original is not a station of the existence of such problems, but a large number of websites because this update page didn’t in the first. Please look at the picture:

to once again prove "love the sea really sick, I will query the Chinaz friends please link cooperation website:

love Shanghai big update from last December 8th, 9, I noticed this love Shanghai updated data absolutely out of the question, but when the data is updated in the volatile period, only thought to be able to return to normal after updating, unexpectedly after ten days, or no recovery.


Figure 2

found that the owners of the house, including the science and technology are not all home in the first place, so we can believe that "love the sea really sick". What time can return to normal, we can only continue to observe.

Figure 1 Links Cooperative Station on my website


After !

Chinaz Links cooperation website


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