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Because the original article reproduced as ranking

basic factors: refers to the basis of site types, such as encoding shown by your website for what kind of audience, the page quality has a direct relationship with the user experience, page type is associated with the structure of the website, the effectiveness is needless to say, directly related to the content of your weight. These three factors determine the website weight gain of our site is to the user and the spider friendly (user-friendly and spider-friendly). And these factors we can control and master, so Shanghai Longfeng counterparts should be based on the weight gain in the factor of more efforts.

from the current situation, effectiveness, quality and encoding type, page page type belongs to the basic factors; social factors, whether to click and browse, the authority belongs to the weight factor; and abundant degree and other factors the page belongs to the weighted factor. Where:

then gain website weight on our daily work of Shanghai Longfeng what help? We wrote in the previous article to review some of the factors that influence the website weight gain: including but not limited to the following kinds: authority, effectiveness, quality, type, Page Page Page encoding type, rich degree, whether to click and browse., social and other factors. These factors in the proportion of the website weight gain we also can make nothing of it, after all, the core algorithm which belongs to love Shanghai.

: the weight factors are factors that the search engine on the web are weighted or down right, since entering 2012, social factors played a very important role to improve search engine rankings. Whether it is love or love to share Shanghai Shanghai statistics, which are used to monitor the social factors of the shadow. Whether to click and browse is a new change of Shanghai dragon industry, "love Shanghai 11 phenomenon" and we see in other website "48 hours to enter the home page ranking (before three) are caused by this factor. The authority is needless to say, should be the most important point in the website weight gain factor. If you recently in the word "Shanghai dragon", observation should be able to see these subtleties: Zac has been ranked first, even if the last stone article even without content but also in the forefront.

weighted factor: refers to if done properly, will be on the search engine rankings to be weighted, if not do or do not, will not have much impact. It is worth noting that this website weight gain factor is that we can directly control. When editing articles or pseudo original articles, the use of some Map >

the author in a previous article: "weight gain" talked about the concept of website weight gain. It should be said that this concept has existed for a long time, the Shanghai dragon played a different name for it. But in the final analysis, the core meaning is: "the website weight gain index fell in love with a Haitong website, to the site within a weighted or drop the right operation".

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