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2, new audit speed, this is mainly reflected in the collection, and released the inside pages before love speed, Shanghai for the new general half month included home, about 1-2 months time to release the inside pages, now 1-7 days can be included home, sometimes included first can be simultaneously released inside pages. But >

, rarely on the Internet bubble, but there are often some friends looking for me, let me help you analyze your website that follows a typical problem:

2, why not update the snapshot

3, ranking why don’t


5, please help me analyze the website to see how Shanghai Longfeng do

up? Although

1, why website drop right?

1, a new station on the line of improper operation, easy to fall right, which mainly manifests in: the website often revised, a lot of garbage outside the chain, collection content, and before some similar, but more strictly, it is difficult to avoid.

two, a Shanghai dragon


to tell you the truth, now I also have a lot of things not clear, these problems are in Shanghai Longfeng this one problem a commonplace talk of an old scholar from the beginning of last June, has been unable to find out the love Shanghai habit, I have always insisted on the research and exploration, here to talk about their own views, not to say, please don’t I spray. In general, this algorithm has great changes, as before the old routine is certainly not enough, personally feel that the changes are as follows:

life is still the same, busy every day, but do not know what a busy day, a project to ask a friend for advice a few days ago, then chatted for a long time, I slowly discovered that all grass root born friends now have to get VC investment, open company, bankruptcy, struggling also, all day and I talk about the dream did not persist, and accomplish nothing. 13 years I feel that most of the company’s bankruptcy a few friends, and I like Tucao, the final conclusion is: arrogant, always think oneself very cow B, persist blindly according to their own ideas to do to fix things out, leading to funding to torsional failure. Then continue working career. I have experienced some things, after the time and everyone Tucao Tucao,

hasn’t written blog, feel myself slowly fade out of Shanghai dragon this circle from the beginning of the 12 year, Blog, BBS, SNS seldom go to the platform, but often in the QQ group chat at the same time, in 2012 June began to love Shanghai to suppress the Shanghai dragon, the most obvious is the main industry in the medical industry, grey some industry, violence, the circle of friends have now also slowly turned everyone busy, very little contact. I just mean to insist on his own dream.

4, included reduced

, about the life of


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