A knife analysis of the value of micro blog’s search engine optimization

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Twitter user information, do not know there is no nobility baby has begun to feature extraction into the ranking algorithm without noble baby. But we know that a little baby is the nobility of Twitter has integrated information, that is to say if you have a Twitter account, you may not know what time the Twitter information will be displayed in the search results to the noble baby, you don’t know what kind of information will be displayed in the search results to the noble baby.


2, micro-blog faces:

The characteristics of The search system of

is very hot, I believe we will not feel strange. Noble baby search rankings of the social change of a text, that is the noble baby Twitter integration, the integration of Facebook. Twitter, no Fu Xiaoshou China users. But in China, still have two micro-blog service providers. One is Sina, a Tencent, is now busy playing, but who wins or loses, we are not interested in. We want to know is micro-blog, there is no help for the Shanghai dragon.

Data link,

from the perspective of the traditional search engine micro-blog:

ZAC from the experimental point of view, apparently did not reach his goal, because his blog not ranked. But any Shanghai Longfeng experiment, did not give a definite time of the termination of the experiment. Maybe after thinking of this article billion Europe finished, ZAC blog ranking up. The ZAC experiment topic, hold on.

Although micro-blog

1, micro-blog information:

is also a kind of information, but micro-blog is micro information. From the content point of view, correlation, information characteristics with the traditional WEB page can not be compared. But micro-blog information is representative of the sudden, etc. for real-time information, a very important attribute. Fast, real time with the two kinds of feature information, the search engine doesn’t ignore.

ZAC made an experiment in his Tencent micro-blog, micro-blog is testing links in Tencent has not played the ranking effect. ZAC just enter a bunch of meaningless text, and then take the own blog address. To the experimental results, his Tencent micro-blog ranking up. But the ranking did not go up.

search engine is to integrate the Internet information for the mission, the search engine cannot do without information, like a fish without boiling water. Since micro-blog is also a kind of information, then micro-blog will also participate in the search engine index, ranking system inside. In the case of baby, now an active user of micro-blog, for example, Li Kaifu sent a message, will be included in the noble baby after 5 minutes, and is included in the micro-blog URL, the overall information not only update Li Kaifu micro-blog. This problem included efficiency, not just Li Kaifu this level of micro-blog. This problem is not carefully studied, just for example.

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