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Here is the key: Keywords: how to locate the The

1, the current transformer enterprises as an example. We need a clear understanding of the specific situation of enterprises. For example, the main products of the enterprise production and sales (current transformer) etc..

from 2 we can analyze some relevant keywords following, drop-down list words: current transformer wiring diagram, current transformer, current transformer, current transformer transformation model · · it can be seen that for a firm stand, although these words can bring good traffic, but search the words the user is not going to buy your product – current transformer. So the relevant keywords, love Shanghai drop all give up

of Shanghai dragon website for a need, if the site keywords pre positioning is not accurate, will directly lead to encounter various fatal problems in the optimization process: keyword rankings do not go up, go up and order, with no traffic flow and is still not ranked order · · · sometimes, site target keywords are set correctly or not, or even directly affects the life and death of an enterprise.

2, a statistical analysis of related keywords and long tail, it can be seen from the love of Shanghai keywords drop-down box and relevant search, as shown in figure (1), (2) can also use analysis tools of long tail words better, catch words and fly to Darou analyze whether there is some value of the long tail word.

look at the relevant search. We can see these words from the search: zero sequence current transformer, current transformer wiring diagram, current transformer, three-phase current transformer, through core type current transformer · · we can realize the precise user can bring these keywords (buy related products user word) only four. Zero sequence current transformer, three-phase current transformer, through core type current transformer, voltage transformer (the words according to the specific circumstances, the enterprises have to do if the voltage transformer, the word.




once appear this kind of problem, or modify the title (there is the risk of K), or revised, re design the content of the website and the title of the rewriting, the most serious will even throw away the old site, re apply for a domain name to do. These are your efforts in vain. So say: positioning the target keywords website must attach great importance to.

3, to determine the target key. This is important because you at least after several months to around this keyword to the operation, we should pay more attention to the key words, then the current transformer to locate.

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