Analysis of Web site optimization design affects the efficiency of success

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we know, site optimization in the design process is very important for the website optimization effect, as a qualified webmaster we must consider in the process of design for the web site optimization optimization factors to improve the efficiency, we must build a new station is a station on the site details under the time, if we have to go to get the from the aspects of structure design and website to adjust the details of the operation, the key to Shanghai dragon for the first time that the old station, web design for the optimization effect is mainly reflected in the level of

first, reflect the essentials of web design website optimization effect. We know that the web structure and good design style, especially the layout details of columns and website pages are the focus of the optimization, and web page design is the most direct manifestation of "implementation details and structure is the embodiment of the key column to attract users click, before any type of website we will the design thought, structure of the site as much as possible to meet the requirements of W3C design, popular in the choice of language as the div+css layout has gradually become the enterprise site choice, the main reason is that in order to optimize the service of Shanghai Longfeng later. So, we will be early in the web design from the site layout, details page design and website construction work on the choice of language.

second, web design is how to influence the behavior of users? Especially the background of the current user experience is king, is the webmaster transposition thinking focused on breakthrough, this time as a webmaster must learn from the user’s perspective to consider the user experience habits, the user enters the site first consideration is their sensory experience that is, we often say that the usual visual experience, this is mainly reflected in the website design layout style and block collocation, for example some agricultural sites, naturally reflected in the minds of people is a natural green, harmony between man and nature of the scene, we will consider in the design of color to green as the main this time the tone, the details to increase the user to the scene to Lenovo, is the webmaster to design the details of the analysis and planning. Secondly, the access efficiency of the site, the site response speed mainly, as we all know, if a site open speed more than 10 seconds, will produce what effect, users may be very impatient turn off ", the Internet site a lot of customers do not need to wait for a site to spend their time, unless your site is the industry brand.

third, the design process in the construction of suggestions. In fact, the majority of owners understand that the above two points is not difficult to understand the design of a good site is actually very simple, because the ultimate purpose of web design to meet the user’s search experience, mainly in the design of the website sensory experience, color collocation is very important, the web site of the open speed response is the response efficiency of the user, secondly, website structure and friendly, for users and search engines can be very good to find what they need, both with the public habits, can also help the search engine good >

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