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Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. The front to introduce yourself after seeing Li Jianzhong’s article "link strength evaluation of link quality dimension" after a point for the perception of the link in the website of Shanghai Dragon – "use value oriented links to optimize the site link", which links for "power" in the article only talks about three aspects of dimensions quantity, speed and frequency (see "links link optimization value"). Today the five dimensions share the remaining link value orientation.



also need to operate for the website of Shanghai Longfeng the priority among priorities of the chain, is what we really want to do is get accurate direct traffic to the construction of the external links. Many friends understand Shanghai dragon is to do keywords ranking, of course, more scientific website optimization work is optimized to do ZhengZhan, each stage of the development of different keyword strategy, but in fact both keyword ranking ranking optimization or ZhengZhan optimization is just a process we get through the Shanghai dragon website potential customer flow, ultimate goal we are get traffic, if we can directly obtain the target flow through the Shanghai dragon, then is not to save the middle of the process, in the process of reducing the traffic loss rate. It’s like two person race, is 110 meters, but the middle of a few hurdles, maybe you will like Liu Xiang in the Olympic Games of the tragedy on the way down, and if not considering these obstacles, you may do more easily. The thinking of the construction of the chain is also based on this goal, as we build our micro-blog link, to build their own website content links, share plug-in settings on the site, set up a subscription tool is for users convenience, let them find our website directly, this part is also the Shanghai dragon link building.

site links to release its role should be is to guide the precise flow, also is the request we will release these links to be able to bring direct traffic place. For example, Sitelinks, mostly do recommend links for users (front also mentioned the recommended links can improve the user access speed), if we talked about in the article mentioned the need to improve the keywords ranking ranking to high quality links, here we recommend before finishing a comprehensive comparison the high quality of the chain, want to understand the relevant knowledge of the friends will click on view, so as to guide the intention of precise flow for the site.

for the link and the link is actually a lot of friends in doing things, in the process of Shanghai dragon in this point is really needed, the ultimate purpose is on the first points we mentioned Shanghai dragon is to enhance the flow, but we can not completely ignore these processes, in part by Shanghai Longfeng get traffic web site keywords optimization or ZhengZhan optimization is still the mainstream.

1, in order to obtain accurate traffic service website


2, the construction site has links back to

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