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I think the Internet is a fair place, as long as your efforts will be fruitful. The day before yesterday I run the website domain name, what are not, experienced short pain after the replacement of the domain name, to start again, write an article on the "sad case analysis: site replacement domain of the wound" article, who has been released and the owners of the house home display. A high quality soft Wen effects really unimaginable, and writing the original starting point is because I really hurt. Today to see the new data, the new domain name began to love Shanghai included the home page, the PR value from 0 to 3, first please ignore the PR value, because the same doubts with you, the domain name change for only 3 days, there was such a change overnight. This change is likely to bring the power is soft. I had to write an article about soft Wen wen.


In November 18th after the release of a new

in the noble baby of the PR value algorithm, the chain is the most important. ZAC ("Shanghai dragon combat code" author) once said "to improve the PR value, in addition to the chain or chain". However, the chain also has a hierarchical, but many people ignore the importance of this point, often seeking quality not quantity. Please continue to send a large number of people garbage outside the chain, the chain of garbage on the ranking value is not, but very small, hundreds have a high quality of the chain effect. The author of a new domain name PR jump, if not display error, then only two reasons: 301 to transfer a part of the weight of the original domain to the new domain name; the name of the new domain outside the chain of high quality lead to sudden surge in weight. The latter effect is greater, because the original website domain name to less than 3 days, and the consensus domain name to weight transfer often takes 3~6 months.

outside the chain of high quality judgment mainly has several factors: single site; weight; the diversity of the chain, from different sites, different IP. A high quality of soft Wen caused a lot of forwards, resulting in these chains are.

in November 18th after the release of the soft, is a lot of forwards website forwarding


released the same day a new domain name PR=0 soft love Shanghai chain 27

compared to the November 14th original domain name chain 2600 PR=3

In November 17th

has high PR website forwarding Wikipedia PR=5

first look at a set of raw data in soft release and placed in the home after second days, the chain of new domain name will nearly doubled, PR=3. And the chain is both quantity and quality.


soft chain domain name 59 PR=3

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