Not deviate from the principle of look at the website user experience

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(3) web content. Web content achieve a better user experience. First of all we need to do is of high quality. Spelling, word order is not fluent in these do not have to mention. Between the website content series to do, the depth of which is more conducive to the user’s browsing, reduce web page out rate. In addition, the difference between the website Web site information and similar to the open, let users find the information here out of the ordinary. Also, the interactive link need to do. Users see the website article, want to leave their own views, then reviews and comments the function is very important.

finally everyone will return after all is said and done, "user experience" the eternal topic. No matter how to update the search engine algorithm, "all for the sake of users" is the principle from beginning to end. So the user experience is much deviate from them, visitors can get what information through the website, the website can provide and what to bring your visitors, visitors are in line with their own habits in the process of browsing the website. Next, let us summarize the need to do what.

"not deviate from the principle of the station optimization

in addition, navigation website is also very important. The navigation time is equivalent to the role of GPS positioning, to let the user during the browsing always understand oneself in what position, how to return to their earlier position. Like good wine merchants have done better (see below).


even if you are ordinary people, no matter what you want to know one of the symptoms of the disease, or want to test their own physical condition, or want to get the latest medical developments and so on. You can find the information you need in the first time.

had to admit that last month’s love Shanghai really let the webmasters downhearted. In the webmaster forums, is a piece of Voices of discontent. In the love of Shanghai webmaster communities will hold fire a title for "the webmaster don’t complain about love Shanghai, to modify your website." the post, after reflection is a small station on their website is the adjustment of the algorithm.

In fact,

(1) interface optimization. After the user through the search results page into the site, the first feeling is very important. If the web interface layout is that most people love, so the first step to increase the user retention rates had been done.


(2) navigation optimization. After completing the first impression to the user, can really increase in the eyes of users of a good impression on the site itself. How can let users find the information they need in the shortest period of time, we need a sophisticated navigation design. As the main navigation 39 Health Network, do very well (see below).

(4) advertising layout. It can be said, "

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