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usually with Xiamen University Students nonsense, when it comes to work, I found them more and more about how the future is starting a business here, instead of looking for a job or the civil service exam if they can do it. When I asked why they would want to start here, most people the answer is Chinese the economy is vibrant, then the environment here is very good. I grew accustomed to the estimation of air and beautiful living environment, birds’twitter and fragrance of flowers, through the Shanghai Guangzhou suddenly came to Fujian, heart sad..



after I saw two foreign guys in the gym, can let the handsome Obama legs are ashamed, and talk with them, know from Brazil and Poland. They stayed in North Canton, and then came to Xiamen, feel that this is a good city, the natural environment is good, suitable for entrepreneurship. Although I feel a little worried about the prospect of domestic entrepreneurship for the two young Chinese men who will not yet speak or listen, I feel gratified by the confidence of international friends about our entrepreneurial spirit here.

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line of big city has a resource siphon effect, in the unequal information era, is indeed a lot of other city can not provide opportunities, but the Internet, and now the mobile Internet is rapidly disintegrating the unequal information situation. Regional advantages are no longer as important as they used to be. And the so-called more resources, more talent, more opportunities, but also relatively, you did not have the strength, there is no way to integration alliance, no ability to grasp, for you, is zero! City environment is just a catalyst, to be successful, and not in first-tier cities seems to win tickets in hand.

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gym is actually a very good environment: rugged high like the same torture instruments, a variety of screams and groans, the concentration of carbon dioxide… But over a reason I can enjoy is, can see so many stocky or slim handsome and beautiful, and can talk with them that is really harsh environment, a very good thing.

natural environment is good, this actually became the first choice for entrepreneurial city. The choice of the Internet entrepreneurial city, there was a saying before, entrepreneurship to go North Canton, where there are many resources, many talents, opportunities. I think they should add a little love, Fudge media, or how we see are young pioneers, fast financing easily attract venture capital, announced the splendid retirement news with vigour and vitality, get there was a time I doubt the Internet business is a can not lose the

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