Method to increase the stability of the chain through the blog speed

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Forum: after practice we post on the forum that there is also included the fastest, but we all know, now more forum rules, some sections is not linked, in some sections when posting if do promotion traces is too heavy, will also be deleted, not in here the discussion forum, mainly want to say is, like this site, the weight is relatively high, is worthy of in-depth study of network >

received a single target keyword is Shanghai dragon, antiques, antiques, antiques and global network. This generic term is not only the search volume, and high weight website competition, two words valuation is about more than 30 thousand points, than the optimization is difficult. The analysis of website based OK love Shanghai has about more than 1000 included, PR value is 2, there are about more than 300 links, keywords ranking in the 35 page, extremely unstable.

later decided after the analysis mainly from the chain work, following the way foreign key growth, such as blogs, forums, information classification, B2B website. We are the first to talk about growth through the chain operation method: we use the blog blog is mainly: Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Shanghai love space, Tianya, these are currently high weight blog. We are at the beginning of each blog registered two accounts, the beginning, the method is the same for each blog account for the article included, after a practice that they included is the fastest the most, in addition to the Sina included faster, love Shanghai space also, Sohu blog occasionally included, NetEase to be worse, is not included, after this practice, we adjust the method, respectively, at the end of the world, Sina, love Shanghai every day to send more than 10 one-time space respectively different articles, after a period of time after the world is still included fast there, Sina skyline poor, but love than to be a little more space in Shanghai included, we also made a test in the hair article, while leaving the other is optimized Pu’er Tea website link, can To be included, while increasing the chain.

Here’s what Last year, A few months

began to implement the optimization, we take the method of routine, such as every article (pseudo original), we also do some related Links exchange, the chain this piece is mainly used software (free software, mainly blogs and forums, the software itself is valuable for it the resources, and some site, the hair will not be deleted), and every day we send a few articles, but through software blog or forum, most have been removed, so the outer link is not stable, sometimes more than a few, a few days and No. This is not the way, through the software registration blog forum posts, of course, there is no certainty. Because now the forum is very strict audit. The chain is usually produced by the method of natural instability, ranking is very unstable, sometimes in the first two pages, suddenly thrown into the five or six pages, or more than 10 pages. Use this method to do for a few months, love Shanghai ranking has improved, but did not reach the expected goal.

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