Some five students to Wangzhuan entrepreneurs proposalYour success is a state of mind

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two, pay attention to network accumulation, contacts than technology,

The myth of waves

rich uncle Mao contact countless make friends, this good beginning, ending this widowed. For most earning friends, they just understand what they earn online without experiencing the happiness of making money online. Rich uncle Mao think Wangzhuan just like playing games, are spend time on the Internet, the purpose of nature is not the same in different. How to be a successful person rich uncle Mao Wangzhuan? Talk about personal views on this issue.

Wangzhuan success? Recently there are a lot of make friends in the rich uncle Mao asked this question, in fact, rich uncle Mao really can’t answer. Do Wangzhuan years, rich uncle Mao has been guarding the Chinese click Wangzhuan the small stalls, has not changed much, I feel quite good, basically realized the free Internet, as a pleasurable occupation ah, rich uncle Mao consciously succeeded. In fact, here there are two kinds of people, one is the full-time Wangzhuan people, earning thousands or even million a month is their goal, they are likely to succeed; the other is the part-time people they do Wangzhuan, may be purely a hobby, how many Wangzhuan income is not to affect their mood. The rich uncle is such a person. In fact, Wangzhuan success is a kind of mood or a kind of mentality, to meet their needs of online entertainment is the biggest success, so rich that uncle Mao Wangzhuan success is a self satisfied mentality.

some new Adsense just started doing, think with their own technology can only net >

, a steady, steady

1, find their own Wangzhuan project. Wangzhuan is simply to make money online, and do not have a uniform standard, as long as their own will be able to make the score. For a long time did not come to the rich uncle Mao stationmaster net published an article, is not to give up Chinese rich uncle Mao Bux? No, in the second half of the 2009 gross rich uncle go to the mountains, there is no access to the Internet, only until Saturday Sunday, but the gross monthly income of the rich uncle Wangzhuan did not reduce, the the reason is the selection of the rich uncle Mao for their project "Chinese click Wangzhuan", the operation is simple, the biggest characteristic is can pull off the assembly line to make money, get online and less time doesn’t mean that he did not go, I have my own website. Saturday, from the education school back after the Internet, I will do three, since this year. The first thing is to find some of the credibility of good website, click send where advertising, to ensure their own site traffic, traffic is popular, popularity is offline, click on the ads do not need to actually send money, click on the one thousand IP only four yuan. The second thing is to find the new station, after successful registration will be offline link on their online even updated website, a week after the payment back just to meet the requirements. The third thing is the landing site, the station K off, to request the station on Sunday to open the mailbox please, how much money to see. Rich uncle Mao do Wangzhuan is quite regular. Because there is not enough time online, online shops, yards, making money and other items is not suitable for Mao rich uncle. In fact, do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan project is to identify, find easier, >

college students now have a lot of free time. Some people play games and talk about friends. But some students have a good eye, after the analysis and judgment of the Internet, in the rapid Internet big cake in a cup of soup. Many people have a very strong desire, have a lot of passion, but on how to do the site, or even how to do not understand, only to make money, so that in the online search "Wangzhuan" and other words, but because of lack of experience is Wangzhuan broken heart, think of making money online is not possible, and with a passion to take off the disappointment. Confused and passionate, this is a common mentality for beginners to earn money, which is something almost every newcomer has. I am from the new up step by step, now offers a few new Adsense website or Wangzhuan views, offer some reference to new people.

What is the concept of

every day now the Internet to get rich, so beginners should not quiet, but also greatly encouraged the morale of the novice, let us look forward to the Internet, anxious not to take to show its mettle, eager. But this also makes the Internet now showing impetuous atmosphere everywhere. Because too many people rushed to the myth of the rich network, hoping to get within the shortest time, but a lot of success can not be copied, success depends on the ability and opportunity, many factors together have the result. But now with the psychology of people too much, this is why people swarmed into the waves of network business people and the army, a group of a group with regret left the team to make money online, because between the ideal and the fullness of the skinny reality gap? Not entirely, just because too much with the psychology of people, they only see the first successful people figure, but did not see the people behind the first successful sweat, "pay only the return", this is the same truth since ancient times. Do or do Wangzhuan, the most important thing is to be able to endure loneliness, can withstand the temptation, it is very likely that your site a month or even six months have no income, because of various reasons, then you have to give up? If you give up, then you regret to tell you, the network business and there is no fate. At this time, the only thing you are good at, or dedicated to learning, can do is to endure, to believe that the pay will always be rewarded. Too many people came and went around again, but in the end they failed. Not because they understand the technology, on the contrary, some people’s technology is even first-class, but because he can not wait, he wants to get rich overnight, but can not continue, can not calm down, seriously thinking and learning. So, remember, the novice must step by step, steady, is to boil out.


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