Shanghai dragon will make a personal blog to a dead end

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With the rapid development of

began learning blog website promotion, the most common is from Shanghai dragon optimization above. This idea makes me about two years, every day struggling within the chain, the chain, the original and pseudo original, hate on the Internet, anywhere can typing were left on their own web site, every moan of the original, write a short Lee parents, those who break things. Three months before leaving home driver’s license test took two months, morning afternoon in Shanghai Longfeng car, finished the driver’s license after the strengthening of Shanghai Longfeng a month’s time, it is found some tips for personal blog of the Shanghai dragon. Blog love Shanghai weight quickly from zero to again and again to two, feel very excited, as if in the night opens a window to see the silver moon.

The weight of his personal blog

my personal blog to date, a total of 3 years survival running for 15 days in July. The first purpose is very simple, that is built up by a website is a very technical work, is a kind of electronic commerce to enhance their ability. Set up a blog, I changed a few times, for a few keywords and titles, changed several times in the theme, with two words to describe: toss. After more than a year’s time, suddenly feel tired, feel a personal blog is a very simple thing, buy a domain name, buy a space program, upload, fix everything, but up to over an hour. A personal blog is like a Taobao shop, is a very simple thing, but later let the blog create value is very difficult, just like to let you earn money as a Taobao shop.

up, I flow up into a new thinking: why do I spend so much time and energy to maintain this blog website? This is three years from this blog I get what? Shanghai Longfeng this promotion methods really applies in the blog website? Only to have the intention to Shanghai dragon blog webmaster, it is to let the blog have better ranking, thus introducing flow. Many owners believe a word: insist on at least every day a original is victory! I think this sentence end.

, micro-blog, WeChat, the public, whether it is in custody in Sina, NetEase and other large web site platform personal blog, or relying on the WORDPRESS zblog blog, a domain independent personal blog, has already lost its aura, in addition to the well-known personal blog webmaster developed early, basic are in a state of half-dead.


more than three years ago, I used my name Pinyin registered a domain name, set up their own personal blog, in order to establish a delusion of e-commerce personal brand. Who knows this road is hard and long, it is important to see the future direction, without direction will make people lose power forward and lose disappointed. Who is a must for a purpose, to do something.

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