The actual secret mining long tail keywords and value analysis

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1. long tail keywords used to collect

and 4. other methods

and other methods of regional development to collect, collect, expand the occupation development season to collect, collect, expand sex collect user habits. These methods need to be open, or stand in the user perspective to study.

if you have love in Shanghai promotion account, in the background, using the system for all keywords you provide. If not it does not matter, you can use the search to collect love Shanghai. Love Shanghai related search including search box prompts and bottom tips. As long as the use of these two parts to expand, the so-called love Shanghai index, love Shanghai encyclopedia, you can not ignore. Because of the above methods have been collected in a very full. If I do Pu’er slimming tea, first I lose weight in Shanghai love search, then love Shanghai search box will prompt 10 weight loss associated with the keyword, all down, and then, one by one search, and 10 of them at the bottom of the relevant search keywords down. The 10 main words, each has 10 related search words, 100 words will be an easy job to do in the bag. In this way, can the keyword value continue to expand. Shanghai ranked sex, these words are very accurate reflect the habits of users love Shanghai.

2. love Shanghai related search collect


, a fast mining long tail keywords

The relevant channel

3. well-known Web site collection

these tools are also online, Download software. For example, webmaster tools 51, cnzz and other statistical tools. I used to fly Ruda can bring in almost all of the long tail keywords, the disadvantage is somewhat related to include.

when the target keywords competition has reached a fairly intense situation, or the target keywords colleagues have done good, with the promotion of long tail keywords, will play a decisive role. The long tail keywords set flow is very considerable. So, how should we fast mining long tail keywords and analysis of the value of the long tail keywords


two, analyzed the value of the long tail keywords

method is quite rare, but also personal experience summed up. If I do I choose the Pacific women slimming products, slimming channel, browse the above information, some information provides a valuable keywords and find everything fresh and new. Such as the elimination of abdominal tea, tea, tea, waist leg a quiet and modest maiden tea. The use of well-known channels, can be the first time that the value of the word.

may be a lot of network promotion novice will say, target keywords optimization task is a can not catch my breath work, who has the time and effort to mining and optimization of long tail keywords! The idea might be you haven’t fully realize the effects of long tail keywords. Or your boss to give too much pressure, you too busy.

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