The enterprise website optimization to do so will be able to enhance the ranking

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and many business owners to communicate, many entrepreneurs are now know the website much beautiful atmosphere, have the marketing function, but sometimes they don’t care for the web server, perhaps many business owners do not know what is the server space, as long as they can see the website. So here is the need for universal, if we are to do domestic business, recommend the use of domestic servers, now of course is to use the domestic server record, but the record is not imagined so much trouble, but it is still very simple, as long as required by data can be, and are free of charge for the record. Select the domestic server and had prepared the case of Shanghai Longfeng optimization and has a little effect on the positive.

development of enterprises to carry out network marketing as everyone knows, the first step is to establish a corporate Web site, to show the enterprise products, the strength of enterprises and other related information through the enterprise website, so the establishment of the enterprise web site is very important, it should be said that from the enterprise site began to take into account the factors of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, but now the market a lot of enterprises site CMS system has the function of optimization of Shanghai dragon, the author thinks that the CMS system comes with the Shanghai dragon optimization function, can satisfy the enterprise optimization requirement, especially in the interior of the website optimization, there is no specific recommendation which site CMS system, in order to avoid advertising, you can find a lot of love in Shanghai. If you need to communicate can add my WeChat: 29305395.

but now optimize the traditional enterprise website is more and more difficult, many sites are very difficult to optimize, only to have to do the bidding, so now the enterprise website how to do? The author is engaged in the traditional enterprise network marketing service for nearly 10 years, has a more in-depth understanding of the traditional enterprise network marketing. Today and share some enterprise website how to do optimization, in order to reflect the effect.


two, choose a good server

, choose a good website system

can be said that this is a website optimization is a very important factor in ranking, many website ranking sit up, because the website content, either very simple, or not what value. The content must have value, mainly reflected in: 1, the content of the website is not plagiarism, is original; 2, the content of the website is meaningful for the visitor speaking, can bring some useful value to visitors. Of course, how to write about the content of the website, such as enterprise.

on the content of the web site

three, on the site of the domain name

this one is not to say, recommend the use of贵族宝贝 domain name.

is the traditional enterprise website optimization competition has entered the Red Sea, the main reason is that more and more enterprises want to spend less money, can get good rankings, it seems that Shanghai Longfeng optimization is a channel, compared to bidding is the cost is a big province.

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