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in search engine optimization that can hear the most, see the most is within the chain, the chain with the website content, content with the chain you literally know what it is, but the concept of the chain is relatively vague, although can know that the chain is in the internal connection, but how do the chain, how can better distinguish of value chain and the chain where? What is the purpose of the chain in? I have their own understanding of the optimization about the inner chain thought to share, whether it is large or small and medium-sized Web site, can give full play to the chain effect.

chain and the chain of value:

The value of

internal and external links for sites, the relative lack of early sites under the condition of the chain, the chain than within the value chain value. For the website weight, rankings, the importance of the chain is much higher. If you want to increase the weight of the website, then still have to consider the main chain with related website construction. In the medium term chain website development, may begin to play a very big role, but the chain is the need to optimize the layout planning stage on the site to start the implementation of.

chain is actually linked between the various pages of the station, but the station in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, to maximize the value of the chain, will need to be carefully selected pages, that is to say you decided to let the mutual link between which two pages. The anchor text chain is usually keywords, for example, I want to build a search engine for the anchor text chain optimization, then you must know which page to do this within the chain have a greater help to the rank, usually we take these two ways:

Analysis of the


2, use keywords in the search engine search, see which pages of the front, in which page. Of course, no matter which method, once selected the target page, you should not often modify. Because the chain effect is played by the accumulation of time, ranking will have good performance.

chain strategy to solve the problem:

I just contact

to develop the strategy, must first understand the inner chain is to solve what problem, such as: to improve and enhance the transfer page relevance ranking, the PR value, these 3 points can be regarded as the core principle of the chain strategy.

How to do within the chain of

1, you start to determine each keyword target page, when the word appears in the station anywhere, is a fixed URL. From the beginning and end, through to the end.


is one of important factors related to the page search engine ranking, so the chain strategy also needs to consider the issue, but if it is an important page in a chain of good policy support, the content page should also have a certain value, this is also one of the factors in the side reaction chain strategy problem. You can also use some keywords ranking to see if the two station site is within the chain, do good website page ranking is likely to be more than a station on a home.

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