Three chaos interpretation of medical sites are prevalent in Shanghai Dragon

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if you visited the medical site, then you will find a lot of medical site marketing purposes are very strong. Specific performance in when we enter the site, forcing the eject window that lets you chat with, and sometimes the window is shut off, five seconds to give you a jump. Even some of the "online" or "free consultation" button to do abnormal eye-catching in the pop-up window, but can blur the close button, resulting in a lot of visitors.

optimization personnel for medical site optimization is few in-depth understanding of the medical profession, most of them are some do not understand the professional technical layman. The medical industry is different from other industries, you have no professional but will not be able to write real content. So we can see a lot of medical site is the collection or plagiarism means to enrich the content of the site. Have a little heart to the owners will be pseudo original, such as modify title, paragraph or combination of the finishing put all sorts of things together. The content in the credibility and integrity is not up to standard. The visitors will often find these articles not fit to be seen when browsing the article, the high similarity, the irrelevant, or is the superposition of a lot of naming wonderful keywords and so on. This is a big mess in Shanghai Longfeng industry, many owners just to please the search engine, and ignore the importance of the contents of the article, the importance of user experience. The visitors could not be satisfied with the resulting content.

two chaos: chain disaster caused by flooding water


and July K Shanghai station in the event of love, I want to make many webmaster fresh, especially medical sites, can be said to be the K station in the wake of the injured most. Why is this the K station is the largest storm affected medical site? Love Shanghai official is to those collected by pseudo original low quality site treatment for the consolidation of the argument, and many medical site is to please the search engine, ignoring the typical user experience. The author will briefly analyze the existing medical site of Shanghai Longfeng three chaos.

chaos is poor, high similarity

We know that

as an ordinary visitors, we may go in some community forums, the most annoying is that the overwhelming medical site outside the chain. Indeed, if you look you will find the site outside the chain of medical hair too, has almost crazy situation which get in by every opening, Internet users for this type of chain had a great emotional conflict. Not only so many medical sites in the construction of the chain on the principle of weight is not heavy, purely in order to send the chain and the chain. A flood of chaos and outside chain is the Shanghai dragon industry. The author believes that the construction of the chain in quantity at the same time, we should pay more attention to quality, thought to be more in line with this friendly user experience.

Three Chaos: marketing purposes too strong

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