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, a Shanghai love to complain. This method is suitable for some of the old station, and for a long time have a good ranking, suddenly is right down the situation, generally as long as the details are clearly written, love Shanghai check, usually by adjusting the algorithm to recover in three months.

now I have summarized the recovery method of K site only after several tests between friends, the success rate is very high, hope you stand as soon as possible to restore the ranking. The www.hblqfhz贵族宝贝 please respect copyright, please indicate.

first, some websites is the webmaster of years of painstaking efforts, some even direct economic source is K or drop right is not a small loss, so we must find a way to restore, but there are several situations, I do not recommend recovery:

Five, the domain name for

now do the friends all know that love Shanghai in recent years, frequent adjustment, adjust the algorithm also came to an end, but is down right even K station, a huge number, then we should be how to restore

the above two kinds of circumstances is not recommended for recovery, then the other station, excluding the above two situations, in accordance with the formal method can be restored. The following are the specific methods:


two, delete the false original article, and to submit 404 love Shanghai. Original content update value, and then submitted to the website URL to love Shanghai.

The first kind of

, back to the station. This method is the last ditch, because the site even recover all need a few months time, then make a new station, get good rankings is only one or two months, so for some new or small, may change the domain name is the best choice.

three, released the high quality chain, let the reader automatically forwarded to form a natural chain. Release the high quality of the chain, can be a blog, Admin5 page, Chinaz page and so on, these places often publish an article will be reproduced to the user various forums or their own websites, the chain formed by this method are more natural, love Shanghai more value.

: without substance, all others copy, pseudo original content sites, this station does not suggest that you try to recover, because even if can be restored, will eventually be eliminated, rather than spend some experience to do the station.

second: by the station of the rankings to buy links to a large number of this station, if it is K, the possibility of recovery is very small, it is not recommended to restore.

four, to each big news website source soft chain. This method is not the general webmaster can bear, because the cost is too high, generally released more than a dozen this news source station, have hundreds, so unless wealthy owners, or otherwise do not use this method.

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