The situation should be how to develop the enterprise website of Shanghai Longfeng strategy

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two, website content simplified

enterprise station content is very low, generally only the home page navigation bar, product center, news center, about our program. The website content is less the more you should do fine content. Following the need to pay attention to is the center of the product, key enterprise stand optimization are their own products, when people search product name to the website after the first to see the details of the product, so the content of products is very important. Recommended product description states price roughly between, technical parameters, product design concept and successful cases, with multiple display products, product layout, everything from buttons in order to facilitate users to quickly understand the purchase of our products starting. With the construction of website marketing thinking to do product description. Not every day to update the article included the amount of impact, as long as the ranking is secondary to the amount collected, the ranking is good exchange Links others will be happy to change.

three, the website of the chain

site outside the chain has been the focus of the enterprise stand optimization, the above is just one or two points on the transformation of stability, site ranking site rate has great effect on promoting website ranking is not great. To rank the fast and stable, the chain is the core. The construction of the chain mode before the very rough. What place can chain in what place, the.

Fine Shanghai dragon strategy

after the last 3 months love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, enterprises can not be used before the station of Shanghai dragon "ax" strategy. If it is not improved, there will be a ranking not to maintain the passive situation difficult. According to the characteristics of the enterprise stand the new situation now, enterprise station Shanghai Longfeng should do the following aspects:

the second more important content is about us, when people see the product description after feel more suitable for their own needs, to see his second page is about us, about us page content is the key to clinch a deal. If a web site description written very well, but the content of the page to write about our looks not ready to accept either course of informal enterprises, the visitors will not have confidence in the site, would rather spend more time to spend more money to find a reliable the site look. Recommended product description should be clearly written on his business name, domicile, registered capital, business telephone, corporate, corporate information, winning honors, all kinds of certification patent information.

love Shanghai already have announced the blow, copy the contents of hyperlink cheating algorithm, the algorithm is certainly relevant to the next release site structure, so at this point, the website structure optimization is very important to remove the traces, if you want to have a better natural site more stable ranking it will adjust the structure of everything, from the basic elements of the website and filled the user experience.

the situation should be how to develop the enterprise website

, a natural site structure

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