With the most simple way to see Shanghai dragon VP keyword selection

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in the beginning, we look at this website keyword ranking, keyword selection for "Shanghai dragon training" and "love Shanghai Shanghai dragon" and "Shanghai dragon" and "VIP training" these keywords as the thinking part of it, as shown in figure

with the most simple ideas Robin Shanghai dragon training site, I believe many of my friends have seen Shanghai dragon VIP website ranking, from the "Shanghai dragon training" the first to disappear and then to now ranked second, it should be said that the website itself gave us a lot of ideas and Reflections on this. Article, hope can talk about my own views, is supposed to embrace the simple mentality of this website, Daniel hope they do not Paizhuan.

we analyze the "Shanghai dragon training" key information, throughout the site, "Shanghai dragon training, "" Shanghai dragon "and" training "keyword density as shown in figure


don’t know what you can see from these rankings, maybe we will say why the "Shanghai dragon training" keyword is very good, but "Shanghai dragon" keyword is not good, but "love Shanghai Shanghai dragon" the keyword ranking is general, the final "VIP training" will not know what is the following it, the meaning of it, is about why you want to query these keywords ranking information.



from this picture, we can see the distribution of the training part of the keyword boby, see the distribution of Shanghai Longfeng keywords, but why do some keyword in Shanghai dragon "Shanghai dragon VIP" this is together, or do separate, so in the beginning we test. "VIP training" this keyword ranking, to actually see the Shanghai dragon can be regarded as VIP +vip in Shanghai Shanghai dragon love eyes can, in the rankings have given us very well.





you can see from this point, the layout of the site, Shanghai dragon training and occupy most of the proportion, there is no ground for blame role in the overall layout, which is in the structure of the main part of the keyword ranking. This is the first point of the author said: the content of keyword selection must be based on the site theme for, however, as we see this website home page screenshot, training and key part of Shanghai dragon, as shown in figure


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