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general in Shanghai after the big update website, volatility is normal, do not get excited over a little thing, once the website ranking drop felt end come, in fact as long as according to the above several methods to analyze the specific state, check out the web site, and then through the appropriate method to optimize the natural website ranking will still come back source: www.021daiyunwang贵族宝贝

two: enter the name of your site in the search engine in the dialog box, if the results of their official website is not in the first row, then your website is likely to be search engine punishment!

: analysis of the use of love Shanghai site command, the specific operation method in the search engine input dialog box site: website domain name, and then look at the results returned, if the website homepage does not appear, only some included pages appear, then your website will be right down, if the returned no results, then your website is K

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five: judging by analysis of keywords ranking, comprehensive analysis and statistics of keywords on the site, if before a lot of keywords ranking in the love of Shanghai in a comprehensive update down, then your website the possibility of the punishment is very big, if some keywords decline, some keywords rise, then this is normal the adjustment, does not need to save the method after punishment to operate the


love Shanghai update, always a few happy tears, some website promotion, website ranking dropped, many owners found themselves once the site ranking dropped will be very worried about their website is search engine K station, or the right to be reduced, but only by the decline in ranking that site is K or drop right that is not very scientific, often lead to do a lot of useless or even work site to make bad things, this analysis whether the site is K or drop right is very important! I have the five kinds of analysis method that is relatively easy to use, and the majority of the following the webmaster friends share

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four: it is relatively simple, it is through the search on the website of some specific words, such as your website address, contact telephone and record information, if the results returned by your website is not first, then your website will be down the right, because the information is only on the Internet, if not be included, that your website content is rapidly removed, not to return the


three: through the analysis of webmaster tools, the best with the most comprehensive and accurate data, webmaster tools than Google webmaster tools, this tool can provide detailed test data and information, this information can effectively help webmasters to judge their own website is search engine punishment, as well as the website which problems need to be improved in order to let the webmaster and amendment, the improvement of their own website

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