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Google announced in February 24th this plan. Google ever to search for some minor adjustments, but ordinary users usually can’t notice, but this time is different. The company hopes to solve a series of problems of recent media exposure. The most famous is "New York Times" according to a report by Penney J.C., the American department store chain to deceive the search engine ranking mode at the top of many search results. According to "the Wall Street journal" reported that in another case, the retailer Overstock贵族宝贝 for violation of Google’s policy by punishment. The policy to prohibit enterprises to improve search engine rankings by improper behavior.

these events and Google reaction caused a series of problems. The search engine will produce what effect on people? Google’s market position is too strong? Whether the company should be decided on the search results of the algorithm is more transparent? What is the future of search


has experienced a series of search for quality of criticism, Google began to take action. The search giant recently on the sorting rules were adjusted to give a higher weight for "high quality", and also cut "not very useful" information ranking. Google said it will move about 12% U.S. search requests have a significant impact.

The following is the full text:


Google’s search business needs to meet the needs of the two kinds of people: users and advertisers." The Walton School of business professor of legal studies and business ethics Kevin · Wabach (Kevin Werbach) said, "Google is a dominant search engine, but if users found it impossible to get the results you want, will look at other options. From a financial perspective, perhaps more serious, because advertisers may give up on the search keyword auction. Is the value basis of Google as an honest and neutral broker, providing excellent search results."


Walton school believes that Google search results by increasing attention highlights a game of cat and mouse, one is Google, the other side are those who want to cheat the algorithm, so that the rankings of people. This behavior is called "

lead: electronic magazine "Walton knowledge online" Walton school at the University of Pennsylvania, published an article on Wednesday, the modified algorithm for Google and analyzed to improve the quality of search behavior.

many tech critics have recently criticised Google spam and low quality content included in the search results. Google has responded, said it would crack down on so-called "content farms" (Content Farm). Demand Media and Associated Content are content farms, these sites through some method to obtain a higher ranking, to quickly compose a large number of articles.


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