Fuzhou makeup training on the January 2017 love Shanghai home page ranking algorithm change

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2, the original owners protection.

has the following two main

recently received many webmaster feedback, substantialvolatility website’s index. Webmaster Platform consulting engineers after that, the index strategy is adjusted and may lead to a site index data fluctuate significantly, but does not affect the site traffic, everyone please rest assured. The adjustment is expected to end in mid January 2017, the index data will restore stable

3, hit collection site.

2, Fuzhou makeup training development space seriously squeezed, to the development of the Internet is bad, have published the article source statement, but love is not included in Shanghai, even if it is already included in the article will filter out the love of Shanghai, which included the amount of decline included and ranking is proportional to the not included, where ranking.

The change of ! index

from the media platform link belongs to high value >

, adjusted

first we see the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform for index decline announcement.

love Shanghai index system

1, many webmaster to publish content to the web site and then contribute to the self media platform and copyright sources, Fuzhou makeup training with an article published from different media platforms high weight, love of Shanghai is based on the weight of the site, site the higher the weight included faster, more high ranking. And the factors such as personal webmaster reprint collection. Ofrepetitive love Shanghai included, seriously affecting the needs of users to search.


from the top of the Shanghai love Webmaster Platform notice we can interpret some algorithms and love the needs of Shanghai

two, reduce the effects of the




1, reduce the number of media platform from the show.


algorithm is the big adjustment if love Shanghai generally have a month’s time, so the webmaster to find website ranking on the site or testing found no problems can be normal optimization included the amount of decline, observe a period of time to see whether the recovery. Do not rush to adjust to this website, algorithm adjustment, analysis of Hai Yao are the following:

2, the chain

platform will actively tracking the situation, will follow the progress of timely notice to all the webmaster. I wish you all a happy New Year!

in many sites ranking in 2017, (Fuzhou makeup training site 贵族宝贝dtsyd贵族宝贝/) included volume decreased significantly, if not a senior webmaster, but also that their website is K or lower. Spend a lot of time and money to do rankings so cast to the wind. Then in 2017 January in Shanghai where love algorithm! Fuzhou makeup training supervisor optimization for your detailed interpretation of

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