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with the rapid development of Internet, more and more people are using the Internet to search the results you want. Like me, what problems encountered, will use search engines to find their own problems, because the knowledge on the Internet is very comprehensive. According to the survey, China 2009 online shopping number has more than 248 billion 350 million yuan, an increase of 93.7% in the online shopping, the latest survey, there are over 600 billion yuan in May 2011 online shopping. The results show the dependence on the Internet masses, shopping online has strong demand. This paper is published by the Anhui in Shanghai dragon, please show me your address.

long tail optimization

did Shanghai Longfeng stationmaster very clear, grasp the Shanghai Dragon technology not only can use low cost benefits, but also can enhance brand awareness, as well as their fame. How do you say? A webmaster if you want to use the search engine to enhance the visibility, can use independent blog, space, micro-blog, promotion planning plan, to insist for a long time to do down, can be a little famous. As we all know, many famous examples of the use of the internet.

for small and medium-sized enterprises, general TV advertising not only funds high precise user oriented advertising is low. If we can make full use of Internet advertising, brand enterprise search engine to a favorable position, not only can bring a lot of precise users, but also can reduce the cost of many. As a day of optimization search 500 words, if a little investment funds, 1-3 months can be discharged home to. Shanghai dragon as optimization bidding, the user clicks do not need any money, the investment is less than general advertising several times, even several times so.

love to Internet users, white-collar workers, Indoorsman and other industries are in the habit of using the search engine, we can from friends and relatives consulting, 10 people have 6 personal or habitual often use search engines to shopping. Then the search engine what can bring the enterprise what? Why enterprises attach great importance to search engine optimization and far more than other

reason 1. do Shanghai Longfeng high performance

3. reasons can be

reason 2. do Shanghai Longfeng high precision


is one of the core keywords do the home page, is to point to the site within the chain. >

according to target keywords advertising?

some TV commercials through play times to put their products to the front of the user, many users are not buying the product demand. Or is the competition of high strength, and peer competition, advertising has thus become a high price low, the advertisement will be a day of tens of thousands of investment. Do Shanghai dragon is not free, but the cost of investment master Shanghai Dragon technology is very low. Do a good job one day bring hundreds of precise user, and click on the button is not cost.

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