5 tips for making money onlineSuccessful financing of 75 million entrepreneurs teach you 8 strokes

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to prepare a financing speech pitch deck, especially for those who have never done it. Just like me in 2011, when we were financing the first round of the Bigcommerce, even though we got $15 million in investment, the whole process was exciting, tense and anxious.

four: often study predecessors

so why is my proposal because first of all, over the past 3 years, I have received 75 million of all financing, and have undergone three rounds of financing. I’ve seen a dozen top tier VC ventures across the shores of the United states. I have received many quotations, etc. most of all, I have been dealing with a lot of VC. So hopefully these suggestions can help you:

1: don’t update

has a big vision for entrepreneurs. It’s important, but many first-time entrepreneurs tend to tie their own minds. Actually, I haven’t been able to do that many years ago, but now I think that no matter what your vision is, you need to be more ambitious and competitive. For example, if the vision is intended to solve a particular problem for someone in a particular country, then extend that vision to the global scale. Continue to expand your vision, and one day you will find that you will be frightened by your grand vision.

two: sell what you are good at

it’s stupid that many people make money and sell what they sell. Because of this project, there must be a lot of people. And the key is, you don’t have any advantages. Do what you are good at selling, or you have capital projects. For example, your location is the wholesale place for clothing, so you can sell clothes. And if you sell jewelry, it’s a big mistake.

Mitchell Harper is the co-founder of new business platform Bigcommerce and CEO, recently released his article on the well-known technology blog VentureBeat, describes how to prepare a pitch deck Finance speech. The company, from Sydney, has been growing at 100% for the first time in years from the initial $20 thousand, and has so far received $75 million worth of investmentIt’s difficult for


can not say, "half of the marketing, half spent on the development", such an answer can not get investor confidence, because it is a big investment after all. A detailed financial model can describe revenue growth and expected revenues over the next two years. The most important thing is to describe in detail where the investment is going. A good financial model can reduce some of the risks in the eyes of investors. And the lower the risk in their eyes >

above is a personal opinion, I also remember the Olympic Station, www.58task to see it, and make the flow of advertising alliance click, is to do a little advertising, don’t be a stranger.

shop to make money, probably need to pay attention to the following items:

2. explains in detail how you use this fund,

a lot of people shop, change for a few weeks, or add different kinds of goods. Doing so is very user experience, and if you want to update, you need a normal speed, such as "one day a piece" or "10 pieces a week.". Also don’t sell clothes today, tomorrow to sell jewelry, to a center, don’t chop and change, so that your customers will also be lost.

many people when doing the shop decoration, only pay attention to appearance, but they are not selling goods on the home page, then ask you what is the use of the decoration decoration shop? We must pay attention to the user experience with commodity based, supplemented by appearance.


but the good news is that the content of a financing speech is very fixed. You should tell an entrepreneurial story, describe a vision to others, and then clearly know your company’s status, then you will continue to sell these things. These requirements are effective at all financing stages. You just have to take care of your own affairs and everything else will come to pass. In this article, I’ll introduce eight suggestions for preparing pitch deck.

accompanied by the prosperity of the network, online money making has become one of many people’s choice of ways to make money. But it’s not easy to make money online. There are always people who can’t make money. The main reason is that many people do not know what should pay attention to the local people.

1. has a big vision, and continues to magnify it 10 times

three: shop decoration to meet the user experience,

, we must pay attention to the production of goods, often learn peer, better than their own shop. Don’t make a detour to see how he decorates it. How does he sell it?. Best to add his friends to learn from him. Because, after all, is to make money, others have a better way, why not study,

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