Analysis on site keywords grasp the reason is not normal

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these two keywords are Harbin website production and construction sites in Harbin, Shanghai, in love and not grab grab headlines, but directly grasp the general keywords, this causes in a situation.

is the search engine’s own problems, we may also catch up with the site’s problems cause the problem, generally difficult to immediately update over, my website is one reason, three points above I may have accounted for the cause, this last result, it is difficult to immediately change over, fortunately, I do good, this is to me to keep ranking, for other people is not to say.


third: is the site of the update frequency is too large, may before is a long time to update, but this becomes a daily update, can also have this problem, but the probability is very small.

recently do not know how to love Shanghai, ranking one day several changes, the duration of my feeling is the longest, there is not a day or normal grab several changes, but this seems to be the most serious, however, there are always good, today is simple to write my plan.

encounter these problems, how do we handle it, I first put the blame on the search engine, after all, we are not cheating, do not punish us. But the search engine is not constructed in the operation of the artificial intervention, then we must.

The first is the snapshot

search engine to submit questions, hope as soon as possible, this time I submitted NPC and CPPCC, both quickly grabbed, but no email reply, don’t know why, maybe they don’t know it, but was really grabbed for a while, and this can be seen from the snapshot log come out, but did not change, from this point can be analyzed, the love of Shanghai is still adjusting.

: when first love Shanghai grab, catch up with the site is open, this site has a very high weight or domain name registration for a long time, so the ranking retained, but only love Shanghai grab the key words, this is an important point, basically 50% are made into the causes of the.

Hello, I am Harbin actual web design, some recently busy work, there has been no time to write what the site’s ranking is not very good, also not to work overtime today, write, what it does, in fact recently I always grab web site keywords is not normal, previously wrote an article on this issue, but did not pass the audit, is probably not a picture or say understand, try to write today, after a few days, feeling.


second: website update, is actually the revision you said, this is to catch up with the search engine algorithm adjustment, so the ranking will certainly fluctuate greatly, sometimes is only reserved keywords, this problem is also accounted for a large proportion.

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