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of the frequency of updates every day is a holiday break, at 3 pm every day to start the update, all layout complete, beautiful picture type all stored in the server, the alt attribute contains keywords, always adhere to the present, the site is in good condition. Keywords the customer required has been fully in place, all at first, occasional fluctuations, but the ranking is stable, at present the word "Ford" has also been in love in Shanghai third, if this continues, the word Ford one day to be able to appear on the first page, of course, if the method contains some words. The time will be shortened, because of the friendship.

recently duguxiaomeng I have been to several local enterprise site network marketing consultant. At the same time, in the network marketing tactics in duguxiaomeng from search engine for enterprise site weights and evaluation and give some new understanding here, Xiao dream directly to write these things, for us a new algorithm.

this article mainly is used to illustrate the optimization strategy, and some knowledge level ranking algorithm. To trigger this "algorithm" link in the main content update, please continue to see below:

Xiao Meng began to take over the local network marketing consultant Ford automobile 4S stores from mid August last year, in the whole network marketing, optimization also accounted for a relatively large share, because investment for outdoor advertisement is very big. In the advertisement, they each advertisement will contain the name of the enterprise, so the enterprise name in this series of local intention models users will have a very large value, of course, the word dream in mid September has already done the first. (here, the network marketing strategy, the dream with a new article to explain here, network marketing link is not specifically described.

in the whole optimization technique, the dream for many sites, so it is incapable of action in some Shanghai dragon mouth every day Er mentioned in the original dream, and the dream for the Ford car did not know much, there is no original. But the site is not updated, so the method of dream take is directly to the official news copy to his site up. In the copy, the dream did not modify any of the title text and content. Of course, the only difference is that at the end of the text, the dream also increased the number of contact enterprises. Keywords in contact contain added links.

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many people are confused, ask me why I don’t do false original dream, in fact has been not in favor of what is original, pseudo original, original copy is original, copy, copy to copy to be honest, not the words that your article search engine will think you write it. The search engine intelligence is not so low, so Xiao dream has been do not advocate, has asked the Department of the people below, to copy all copy, do not do half true.

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