Google update algorithm to calm Shanghai dragon er

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web page stack keywords, believes that many webmaster have the experience, some Shanghai dragon ER in order to improve website ranking, increase website traffic, deliberately increase the keywords in the web page, increase keyword density, actually this kind of practice is not very good, once the search engine that will be considered as a means of cheating, will have a certain impact on the site, will drop right, that is K, so suggest the webmaster early in the site, we must consider the appropriate use of keywords, the density remained at 3%~8%.

two, Links to limit

This is the The number of of original content website


we all know the importance of the original web content, especially for a new station, is the search engine of the most critical moment, if we insist on the site every day to update the 1~3 original articles, or directly to the search engine to eat meal, it is proved that the "content is king" words. Many webmaster in site construction, collecting a large number of articles, collecting content no quality at all, and the repeatability is high, so it is easy to be ruthless delete search engine. The original article is not much importance.

three, the most important

last March 19th, according to foreign media reports, Google is currently planning to punish the excessive use of optimization search engine optimization technology website, because there is a lot of webmaster optimization the pervasive use of a page, keyword stack, even heavy, or the number is a website Links exchange too much, Google for this the phenomenon, take a certain strategy, will be in the next few weeks or months after beginning to affect the search results, this is undoubtedly the Shanghai dragon Er is a very heavy blow, because the search engine is one of the main ways for our website traffic sources, if the website is search engine to K, between the site of IP the night will reduce, the website source of customers is relatively less, directly affect the site’s profit, the consequences of this is our own. Think, today and we discuss, before taking a strategy at Google, how should we start on the website

, do not stack keywords

Links website optimization is an important one, because Links is a two-way link, if point to change the link to the site, high PR, high weight, love Shanghai snapshot update is normal, the weight of the website is relatively more dispersed, some owners in order to quickly improve your weight, some day unexpectedly added 10 friends of the chain, there are more than 100 of a month, such a large increase in the number of site outside the chain, but not in time to check each other site server is not open, the site is down right etc. appear, just blindly increase the chain, to the search engine, a massive increase in the chain, may cause some judgment is cheating the effect on the site.

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