An antidote against the disease understanding the working principle of search engine and then do th

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3, import link

two, pretreatment – Index Program on page text extraction, data capture to Chinese segmentation, indexing, for ranking procedure call.

4, with the home page click distance

do you know "love Shanghai" the search engine is how to work? Have you ever doubt it, the same website theme, why in his ranking fell in love with the sea in front of me? Is the sorting algorithm of love Shanghai affect our website ranking. Well, we just feel out the love Shanghai is how to give us these website ranking, we can put our website optimization into an antidote against the disease it love website, ranking natural will go up


three: ranking user input keywords, calculate the correlation ranking procedure call index data base, then according to a certain format to generate search results page.

then came the question! We know, want to let our website let love Shanghai included in its database, we must let the love of spiders in Shanghai we are found in the vast Internet, the working principle of the spider web link address is the crawling pages of information, from the theory, the spider can all pages crawl and crawl on the Internet, but actually not, it will not do so, in this context, the spider has to do is try to crawl the main page. So, we want to let Shanghai Longfeng staff own more pages indexed, we must find ways to attract the spider to grab.

1, pretreatment. In some Shanghai Longfeng materials, "pretreatment" is also referred to as the "index", because the index is the most important step of pretreatment. We know that love is included in the database in Shanghai is not off the page, but the "HTML" label the source code, the search engine content preprocessing first remove HTML code, the rest of the text is just a line for ranking.

actually, the working process of search engine can be divided into three stages:

page update

, a search engine spider crawling and crawling through the following links to access the web page HTML code stored in the database, get.

is a search engine that meets several factors important page:

! and web page weight

we have to make our site close to the top of the 4 messages, will be included in the database and found a spider. Well, when our website information is included after the next love Shanghai can be divided into the following steps:

2, Chinese word (which is unique to Chinese search engine, who let us.

in addition to the visible text, search engines will extract some special information including text code, such as META tags in the text, image replacement text, Flash files in the replacement text, link anchor text.


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